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This page lists Once Upon a Time's various references to ABC's Lost.

Season One


  • Emma Swan is named, in part, after the Lost island's Swan Station.[1] Her name is also derived from the story of "The Ugly Duckling".[2]
  • Henry gets off the bus at Gate 4,[3] the first of the Lost numbers.
  • There is a Geronimo Jackson sticker on Emma's car.[4][5][6] Geronimo Jackson is a fictional band on Lost.[5]
  • The time on the clock tower in Storybrooke is frozen at 8:15.[7] It is a reference to Oceanic Flight 815.[1][5]
  • Regina and Henry live at house number 108,[1][8][9] an important number on Lost, and the sum of the six recurring numbers.[1]
  • There is a close-up of Emma's eye after she wakes up from the car crash.[8][10] This is a recurring theme from Lost.
  • Henry's inbox contains e-mails from Mark, Daniel, Scott and Damon.[11] The first three are all characters from Lost, whereas Damon Lindelof is one of the show's creators.
  • The clock unfroze at 8:15,[7] then chimed at 8:16.[12] 8, 15 and 16 are three of the Lost numbers.

"The Thing You Love Most"

"Snow Falls"

  • During his date with Mary Margaret, Dr. Whale misunderstands and asks, "Something about you wanting 15 kids?" This is a reference to one of the Lost numbers.[18]

"The Price of Gold"

"That Still Small Voice"

  • Henry has Apollo bars in his backpack.[20][21] This was a fictional candy bar on Lost.

"The Shepherd"

"The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter"

  • When Emma walks away in anger, a pavement sign shows the number 15.[25]
  • There is a close-up of Graham's eye as he awakens.[26] This is a recurring theme from Lost.

"Desperate Souls"

  • When Emma is taking out her anger on the toaster, there is a bottle of MacCutcheon Scotch Whiskey on the countertop.[27]

"True North"

"7:15 A.M."

"Fruit of the Poisonous Tree"

  • A box from the Hall of Records is from aisle 08, section 4.[34] 4 and 8 are two of the Lost numbers.
  • Regina's secret meeting in the woods takes place at Access Road 23. 23 is one of the Lost numbers.[35]
  • Emma crashes her police cruiser into a street sign where the roads are numbered 4 and 23.[36]

"Skin Deep"

  • At The Rabbit Hole, as Ruby says, "Ash, check out those guys", a bottle of MacCutcheon Scotch Whiskey is sitting on a shelf behind the bar (only seen from a distance - it's at the top of the second shelf from the right).[37]
  • The number 23 is on a door by the entrance to the psychiatric ward at the hospital.[38]
  • The number 8 is on a door in the hallway inside the psychiatric ward.[39]

"What Happened to Frederick"

  • The stranger says that his name is August. August is the 8th month of the year, and the second Lost number.


  • Astrid tells Leroy that the nuns only sold 42 candles last year.
  • The phone record of Kathryn's call with David is listed as 8 minutes long[40] (as Sidney points out).


  • On Ruby's online list of potential jobs, there is a temporary position as an inventory control specialist for 8 months.[41] 8 is the second Lost number.

"Hat Trick"

  • Jefferson's house number is 316,[42] a reference to Ajira Airways Flight 316.
  • At the market, when the Mad Hatter hears the price for the stuffed rabbit, he says he only has 8 coppers.

"The Return"

  • When August drives off on his motorcycle, a sign on the pavement shows the number 15.[43]

"The Stranger"

  • The airplane Pinocchio is startled by has the Oceanic Airlines logo on it.[44][45] Oceanic Airlines is the airline of the pivotal flight 815 on Lost.[44]
  • Phuket, where August traveled to, is referred to on Lost, including the similarly named episode "Stranger in a Strange Land".
  • August woke up in Phuket at 8:15 A.M., two of the Lost numbers.

"An Apple Red as Blood"

"A Land Without Magic"

Season Two


  • As a mysterious man holds his iPod while struggling to close the apartment window, the back of the device's case is shown have a Geronimo Jackson logo. On Lost, Geronimo Jackson is a fictional band.
  • The Storybrooke clock tower shows 8:15,[50] two of the Lost numbers.
  • Mary Margaret uses a bottle of MacCutcheon Scotch Whiskey to set fire to the railings.[51][52] This is a fictional brand on Lost.[51]

"We Are Both"

"The Doctor"


  • Neal and Emma meet in Portland, a location referred to on Lost, and a reference to the episode "Not In Portland".
  • A convenience store sells Apollo bars.[56][57]
  • Neal and Emma plan to start a new life together in Tallahassee, a location referred to on Lost, and a reference to the episode "The Man From Tallahassee".
  • According to his wanted poster, Neal was born March 23, 1977.[58] 23 is one of the Lost numbers, and 1977 was an important year in the Lost timeline.

"Child of the Moon"

"Queen of Hearts"

  • Dopey is wearing a Geronimo Jackson shirt.[60]

"The Cricket Game"

  • The Evil Queen, upon being told the battle is lost, says, "Don't tell me what we can or cannot do!" This is a spin on the mantra often repeated by Locke on Lost.


  • Exposé, a fictitious television series featured on Lost, is advertised on the television Belle is watching in the hospital as Ruby comes in to talk to her.[61]
  • The announcer of the television just before Exposé returns from a commercial is one of Lost's creators, Damon Lindelof, reprising his vocal cameo of Bill Godwin.[61]
  • Ruby gives Belle a copy of Jules Verne's The Mysterious Island. The main location of Lost is a mysterious island.
  • Dopey is wearing his Geronimo Jackson T-shirt.[62]
  • When Mary Margaret and David walk away from the diner in the evening, a pavement sign shows the number 15.[63]
  • Henry, Emma, and Mr. Gold take an Ajira Airlines flight, an airline that appears on Lost.[61]
  • The total time of their flight is 42 minutes; a recurring number on Lost.


  • The number 23 can be seen in the bar where Neal and Emma are talking.[64] 23 is the fifth of the Lost numbers.

"Welcome to Storybrooke"

"Selfless, Brave and True"

"The Evil Queen"

"Second Star to the Right"

  • A bottle of MacCutcheon Scotch Whiskey is sitting on the table in the backroom of the pawnshop.[70]
  • When Baelfire and The Shadow fly past Big Ben, the clock reads 8:15 P.M.[71]

"And Straight On 'Til Morning"

Season Three

"The Heart of the Truest Believer"

"Good Form"

"Dark Hollow"

  • Dopey wears a Geronimo Jackson shirt.[75]
  • A bottle of MacCutcheon Scotch Whiskey is sitting on the table in the back room of the pawnshop.[76]

"Save Henry"

  • Regina calls Sidney to do her a favor. She tells him that the adoption agency is in Dharma Street.

"Going Home"

  • The number 23 is seen over Emma's bed in the prison hospital.[77] 23 is the fifth of the Lost numbers.
  • Emma's apartment alarm clock rings at 8:15 A.M. and stops at 8:15:04 A.M.[78] 4, 8 and 15 are all Lost numbers.

"New York City Serenade"

  • Henry's off-screen babysitter is called Mrs. Cuse. Carlton Cuse was one of the show runners/executive producers of Lost.
  • Henry reaches level 23 while playing a video game. He also mentions reaching level 16. 16 and 23 are the fourth and fifth of the Lost numbers. (Level twenty-three is also a nod to the official Disney fan club D23.)[79]
  • Emma buys Henry an Apollo candy bar at the drug store.[80]
  • Henry informs Emma that Walsh will come over for a visit at 8 o'clock. 8 is the second Lost number.
  • When Emma arrives in Storybrooke, the clock tower shows the time as 8:15,[81] two of the Lost numbers. The same time is on the clock in the Blanchard Loft.

"It's Not Easy Being Green"

  • Granny pours a customer a glass of MacCutcheon Scotch Whiskey.[82]


  • When David is talking to Emma at the hospital, the sign on the wall says "Suite 4".[83] 4 is the first Lost number.
  • In Henry's newspaper, one of the classifieds shows the number 16,[84] the fourth Lost number. Another ad contains the number 08.[85] 8 is the second number from Lost.

"There's No Place Like Home"

Season Four

"A Tale of Two Sisters"

"White Out"

  • When Mary Margaret takes out her anger on her friends, she states that she's had eight hours of sleep in the last week, a reference to the second Lost number.

"The Apprentice"

  • When Will tries to break into the library, and when Belle finds him the next morning, he's holding a bottle of MacCutcheon Scotch Whiskey. This was a fictional brand featured on Lost.

"Family Business"

  • There is a close-up of Belle's eye as she awakens. This is a recurring theme from Lost.

"The Snow Queen"

  • Robin Hood's darts hit the wall near the numbers 8 and 15, two of the Lost numbers.

"Smash the Mirror"

  • The storybook page Robin Hood finds is number XXIII[87] (as Regina points out), a reference to the fifth Lost number, 23.
  • There is a close-up of Anna's eye as the shards from Ingrid's spell are absorbed into her body.[88] This is a recurring theme from Lost.


  • After escaping Hans and his brothers, Anna says, "I don't hear eight enormous feet, so I think we lost them." This is a reference to the second Lost number.
  • There is a close-up of Mary Margaret's eye after the spell is enacted. This is a recurring theme from Lost.

"Shattered Sight"

  • In the first scene at the sheriff's station, the clock shows 8:15, a reference to the flight number from Lost.
  • Ingrid says to the foster children that light will be off in fifteen minutes, a reference to the third Lost number.
  • Ingrid tells young Emma that there are fifteen subconscious signs or tells that a new foster child displays when they're going to run away on their first night in a new home; a reference to Lost number 15.

"Darkness on the Edge of Town"


  • David pours himself a glass of MacCutcheon Scotch Whiskey,[90] a fictional brand featured on Lost.


  • Emma and her foster family have takeout from Mr. Cluck Chicken Shack for dinner.[91] This is a famous fast food franchise in the show.
  • There is a Geronimo Jackson patch on young Lily's hat.[92][93] Geronimo Jackson is a fictional band on Lost.
  • The alias Lily had as an adult, Starla, references a Lost character of the same name.[94]


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