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This page lists collectibles related to ABC's Once Upon a Time.

Doll Collection

Exclusively available at Disney Store at D23 EXPO on August 15, 2015, these dolls represent Snow White and the Evil Queen. Limited to an edition of 300, the doll collection costed 129.95 dollars. It was officially described as "inspired by ABC Studios’ television series Once Upon a Time, this collection brings to life the beauty, magic, and charm of the iconic fairy tale characters from the show".[1]

Ginnifer Goodwin and Lana Parrilla were also present at the event. They participated in an 45 minutes autograph session for the doll collection. It was held at the ABC booth on the day of the D23 EXPO, and was exclusively for those guests who have purchased at least one of the dolls.[1]

Funko Pop!

In September 2015, Funko released a Pop! series based on Once Upon a Time.[2] It is composed of six characters from the series: Emma Swan, the Evil Queen, Snow White, Prince Charming, Rumplestiltskin and Hook.

These vynil figures are numbered 267 to 272 in the Pop! TV collection.

A special version of the Evil Queen vinyl figure has been released for the San Diego Comic-Con 2015. This version has a different makeup and a different dress from the first one. It is numbered 274 in the Pop! TV collection.[3]

The company Books-A-Million (or BAM!) released an exclusive new Pop! figure: Killian Jones. It is similar to the Hook vinyl figure, except that Killian has still his two hands. It is numbered 311 in the Pop! TV collection.[4]

On August 23, 2016, a new set of four characters was announced by Funko: Regina with fireball, Belle, Zelena and Hook with Excalibur.[5] They were released in October 2016.[6]

These vinyl figures are numbered 382 to 385 in the Pop! TV collection.

Action figures

In December 2016,[7] Icon Heroes released a first wave of 4 six inch scale action figures based on Once Upon a Time. These plastic figures represent Emma Swan, Hook, the Evil Queen and Robin Hood. Each fully articulated figure cost 24.99 dollars,[7] and come with accessories related to their character.

Emma action figure has a Dark One Dagger with Emma's name on it, a sheriff badge, a sheath and a sword.[7] Hook action figure has an additional right hand and a cutlass.[7] The Evil Queen action figure has two additional hands, a mirror, a heart, and an apple.[8] Robin Hood action figure has a bow, an arrow and an additional set of hands.[9]

During summer 2017, a second wave of 4 more action figures was supposed to be released, representing Rumplestiltskin, Belle, Snow White and Prince Charming.[10] However, the release never happened, and no further update has been given regarding the second wave.

An exclusive action figure has been made for Toys "R" Us stores. It is a six inch scale Killian Jones figure, with his accessories: a cutlass, a spyglass and an interchangeable right hand. This plastic figure has multiple points of articulation, and cost 24.99 dollars.[11]

An exclusive wave of 2 action figures has been specifically made for the San Diego Comic-Con 2017:

  • The first one is a six inch scale Emma figure with her blue jacket. Her accessories are a beanie, the Dark One Dagger with Emma's name on it, a sheriff badge, a sword and sheath and an interchangeable left hand. The plastic figure has multiple points of articulation, and cost 35 dollars. It is packaged in a gatefold keepsake box in the form of an Author's book. It is limited to 500 pieces.[12]
  • The second one is a eight inch scale Evil Queen figure. Her accessories are two interchangeable right arms, including one with the Poisoned Apple. These polystone figures are individually numbered, and include a Certificate of Authenticity. They cost 65 dollars, and are limited to 300 pieces.[13]