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This page lists Once Upon a Time's various references to the Bible.

Season One


"The Shepherd"

  • David Nolan, the cursed identity of Prince Charming, a former shepherd, shares his name with King David of the Bible, himself a former shepherd.
  • Prince Charming's mother is named Ruth. Ruth is the name of King David's great-grandmother.
  • Prince Charming is betrothed to Princess Abigail. King David's third wife was named Abigail.
  • Prince James duels a man called the "Behemoth", a creature from the Bible.


  • The Storybrooke counterparts of fairies are reviewed to be nuns. They seems to be similar to Roman Catholic Religious Sisters, which is evident such as: doing community service, refers by others and themselves as "Sister" and also have a Mother Superior who is in charge of them.

"An Apple Red as Blood"

Season Two

"We Are Both"

  • Dr. Whale asks David whether or not nuns can date as the Dark Curse was broken, referring the oath Roman Catholic nuns made when joining the community.

"Lady of the Lake"

"In the Name of the Brother"


"Second Star to the Right"

  • Tamara remarks that magic is unholy.


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