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It's the saddest story of all. Belonged to a better man than I... My brother Liam.
Hook to Emma src

Liam's Ring is an item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the seventh episode of the fifth season.


Before First Curse

During a violent storm at sea, Liam and Killian Jones lead a mutiny against Captain Silver. Hades shows up and offers Liam a deal; let their ship sink and he'll give him the Eye of the Storm to earn his position as captain. With this, the crew will die, giving Hades new souls in the Underworld, though he promises to keep Liam and his brother from dying. Liam consents to the deal by misleading Killian into thinking their only option is to dive into a nearby hurricane and ride things out. He gives Killian his ring, which always helped to lead him home, to symbolize his confidence in the decision. Putting his faith in Liam, Killian then rallies the crew into having hope they will survive. ("The Brothers Jones")

Before Third Curse

As Emma prepares to leave with Merlin, her boyfriend Hook gifts her a ring necklace, which she mistakes as an impromptu marriage proposal. He explains that the ring symbolizes his survival nature, and now, he wants her to have it as a reminder that he loves her and is waiting for her return. In turn, Emma declares her love for him, and she parts from him after a kiss. ("Nimue")

After Third Curse

Hook apologizes to Emma for what he said last time they met and reaffirms that he still loves her no matter what she's done. He persuades her into being honest with him by telling her some of the awful things he's done during his pirating days and showing her the rings he wears as trophies. Emma shows him the ring he gave her in Camelot and asks where it's from. Hook is surprised to see the ring, as he thought he'd lost it during their stay there. He says that the ring used to belong to his brother Liam and that it's "the saddest story of all". ("Birth")

Later, Emma holds the ring Hook gave her, while grieving over his death, when she hears the call of the Dark One's Dagger. She discovers Mr. Gold used magic to regain his Dark One powers after Hook's death. Emma blackmails Gold into helping her and he agrees to open a portal so she can rescue Hook. Emma wears the ring necklace around her neck as she and her family travel to the Underworld. ("Swan Song")

Mr. Gold procures magic ale, which Emma uses to summon Hook's spirit. She clutches the ring as she stands before his grave, hoping that Hook is okay. She lets go of the ring to pour the ale over his grave. Hook appears before her, but is unable to respond to her and Emma is heartbroken because Hook is suffering and may not know that she's come for him. ("Souls of the Departed")

In the Underworld, Liam helps Emma and her family locate an important storybook. Before he hands it over, he rips out a few pages, and lies to Emma and Hook about it. Emma shows Liam his old ring that his brother gave her. Liam says he noticed that Killian wasn't wearing it and Emma explains that it's because he gave it to her. She says that Hook once told her it belonged to a better man than himself - so why is Liam, who is a hero in his brother's eyes, lying to his Hook? She accuses him of stealing pages from the storybook, but Hook sides with his brother, believing she is villainizing Liam to prove he himself is less of a villain. ("The Brothers Jones")

Believing Hook has abandoned her for good, Emma packs up his things into a box as Henry sits beside her on the couch, in their house. She longingly toys with the ring he gave her, which Henry notices and asks if she is all right. ("A Wondrous Place")