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Lake Nostos
Enchanted Forest Location
General Information
Status: Restored
Character Affiliations
Owner: Siren (formerly)
Show Information
First appearance: "What Happened to Frederick"
Latest appearance: "Queen of Hearts"
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Lake Nostos is an Enchanted Forest location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the thirteenth episode of the first season.


Prince Charming travels to this lake to retrieve some of its water for Princess Abigail because her true love, Frederick was accidentally turned into a golden statue by her father, King Midas, whose touch turns anything into gold. Legend has it the waters of Lake Nostos in the Enchanted Forest can restore life to someone who is cursed. Prince Charming successfully gathers the water after killing the guardian of the lake, the Siren, when she tried to lure him to his death. Abigail uses the waters to revive Frederick back to life. ("What Happened to Frederick")

After Prince Charming and Snow White plan to take back the kingdom from King George and the Evil Queen, their journey is sidetracked after Prince Charming's mother, Ruth is severely injured during an attack and struck with a poisoned arrow by one of King George's men. Sir Lancelot, who left the service of King George and joins the party, goes to the lake seeking out its waters to get some for Prince Charming's dying mother. Unfortunately, the lake has all but dried up since the Siren has been killed. Lancelot finds a few drops of the lake's water left, but Ruth is reluctant to drink it after learning the king has cursed Snow White to become barren. She suggests Snow White drink the water, so the curse might be undone. Snow White refuses. After Ruth takes the water, her wounds still do not heal. She is saddened at the prospect of not being able to watch her son get married, but Snow White asks Lancelot to help perform a quick marriage ceremony so Ruth's last dying wish can be granted.

During the ceremony, Lancelot pours water into a cup that has thought to have mystical properties to grant eternal life. Snow White drinks from the cup. Later on, after Ruth has passed away, Snow White apologizes to Prince Charming about having lost the last of his family. But, Prince Charming is glad because he still has Snow White, and that one day they will have children of their own. Snow White is visibly distraught at having to tell him the news she is now barren, especially when Prince Charming pulls out the necklace Ruth had previously shown her.

The necklace has power in swinging in a certain direction when determining the gender of a woman's first born child, and Ruth has tried to demonstrate it on Snow White, but it has not moved at all. Prince Charming is telling Snow White about the necklace's predicting ability just as she is about to tell him about her inability to have children. Miraculously, the necklace begins to swing. Snow White is astonished at how the curse was broken. After piecing things together, she realizes Ruth only has pretended to drink the lake water; sacrificing herself for Snow White; and that Lancelot must have switched the water into the cup during the marriage ceremony, although he denies ever having done so. ("Lady of the Lake")

Emma and Mary Margaret become trapped in the Enchanted Forest after they are accidentally transported there by the use of a hat. They team up with Mulan and Aurora, and for a brief time, Hook, to find a way back to Storybrooke. Emma is given an enchanted compass by a giant that will help them return home. After Aurora is kidnapped by Cora and returns unharmed, they continue on their journey, but become trapped in Rumplestiltskin's old jail cell. They free themselves in time to reach Lake Nostos as Cora uses magic to restore the water of lake, at least partially, and Hook pours the ashes of the magic wardrobe into it to create a portal to Storybrooke. Emma, Mary Margaret, and Mulan stop her and Hook from going through after a battle. Mulan hurries off to restore Aurora with her heart after Hook gives it back. Cora makes an attempt to tear out Emma's heart, but is blasted back by a light coming from inside Emma's body. Then, Emma and Mary Margaret jump into the open portal homeward. Cora and Hook are left in disappointment of their failure, but Hook rejuvenates the shriveled magic bean he got from the giant with the water, and uses the it to get both of them to Storybrooke on his ship. ("Queen of Hearts")


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