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King Xavier's Castle is an Enchanted Forest location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the sixteenth episode of the second season.

King Xavier's Castle is based on the King's palace from the "Rumpelstiltskin" fairytale.


Before First Curse

In an unnamed kingdom, King Xavier rules as monarch while his son, Prince Henry, awaits to be married. When a northern princess, Eva, comes for a visit, they show her around the castle. Cora, a miller's daughter, arrives with a wagon bearing bags of flour. As she carries some into the castle for delivery, Eva passes by and deliberately trips her. With flour spilled everywhere, Cora berates the princess as a foolish child while King Xavier forces her to apologize to Eva, which she does grudgingly. That night, Cora sneaks into a castle party with a stolen gown, where the eligible ladies vie to be Prince Henry's future wife. She earns a dance with the prince, though King Xavier cuts in. He looks down on her endeavor to be higher class when she is just a miller's daughter, but Cora asserts she can spin straw into gold and could have made the kingdom rich. In disbelief over her claims, King Xavier publicly announces that Cora will prove her ability by spinning a roomful of straw into gold and marry the prince, but if not, she'll be executed. Caught in a dilemma, Cora gains an ally in Rumplestiltskin, a wizard who wants her firstborn daughter in exchange for helping her. She asks to learn how to spin gold, and he trains her to focus on anger to draw out magic. The next day, before an audience, she spins gold and accepts Prince Henry's marriage proposal. While trying on her wedding gown, Cora meets with Rumplestiltskin and reconsiders her future is to be with him rather than be a royal. They plan to run away together, but before that, Rumplestiltskin teaches Cora how to rip out a heart since she wishes to take out King Xavier's. From talking with the king, Cora realizes love is a liability that will keep her from obtaining power. She then takes out her own heart and breaks things off with Rumplestiltskin. Several months later, Cora gives birth to a girl, Regina. Before the royal court, she proclaims her daughter will be queen one day. ("The Miller's Daughter")


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  1. King's Castle: File:104Waltz.png
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  3. King Xavier's Castle: File:216AllHailRegina.png
    Maritime Castle: File:306Arrival.png
    Camelot Castle:File:502BallBegins.png
    King's Castle: File:603BeginningToDance.png
    Prince's Castle: File:701Ball.png
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