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This article focuses on the Enchanted Forest character, King Midas.
For the myth, see Midas (Myth).

Beyond gold, beyond anything, I value her most.
—King Midas about his daughter. src
King Midas is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts in the sixth episode of Season One. He is portrayed by guest star Alex Zahara, and it is currently unknown if he has a Storybrooke counterpart.

King Midas is based on the titular character from the Greek myth of Midas.


Before First Curse

At some point in his life, King Midas acquires the ability to turn anything he touches with his right hand into gold. It is currently unknown how he came to possess this power. To keep himself from turning people into gold, he wears special gloves that suppress his golden touch. ("What Happened to Frederick")

After he acquired his power, Midas became the target of many robberies, including one by Robin Hood's Merry Men. One day, while he was attacked by thieves, Midas is saved by a knight, Frederick, to whom his daughter Abigail is betrothed. Unfortunately, Midas accidentally touches Frederick during the encounter, turning the young man into gold. ("Heart of Gold", "What Happened to Frederick")

Some time later, when King George's kingdom is in need of gold, he seeks to make a deal with King Midas. George has his son, Prince James, duel a tough opponent, whom he apparently slays. Pleased, Midas strikes a deal with George; if James can defeat the dragon plaguing his kingdom, Midas will bestow riches upon theirs. Once James agrees to fight a dragon for him, Midas turns his sword into gold and departs. Unknown to Midas, James is then killed and his twin, takes his place. After the twin slays the dragon, Midas collects the dragon's head and offers the Prince his daughter's hand in marriage. King George and the prince accept, and Midas is pleased with the joining of the two kingdoms. ("The Shepherd")

During the engagement party for Abigail and Prince James, King Midas tasks himself with the greeting the guests as they enter his castle. He is introduced to Prince Charles and Princess Leia, and then asks the royal proclaimer to announce their presence to the public. Unexpectedly, the Queen makes a guest appearance. Though visibly surprised, King Midas attempts to graciously thank the Queen for honoring his daughter with her presence. She accepts his compliments and then brings out her soldiers to search the castle for the wanted bandit, Snow White. A short time later, he is informed by a guard that Snow White has been spotted on the castle grounds. By his command, King Midas orders them to immediately capture the thief. After Snow White escapes, Princess Leia is branded as an accomplice for helping her flee. King Midas watches as the Queen orders her men to seize the princess. ("Snow Drifts")


Character Notes

  • For unexplained reasons, King Midas is missing his left hand.[1] ("Snow Drifts")


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