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This article focuses on Jim's Storybrooke persona.
For his Enchanted Forest counterpart, see Frederick.

Hey, watch where you're going!
—Jim to Kathryn src

Jim, also known as Gym Teacher, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the thirteenth episode of the first season. He is portrayed by co-star Greyston Holt, and is the Storybrooke counterpart of Frederick


For events occurring before the casting of the first curse, see Frederick.

During First Curse
After the casting of the Dark Curse, Jim becomes the gym teacher of an Storybrooke elementary school in Storybrooke. While walking down a hallway, Kathryn bumps into him. Though he tells her to watch where she is going, Kathryn ignores him and saunters up to the schoolteacher Mary Margaret to have a heated confrontation. During the night, Jim drives near the border of town and stops when he sees Kathryn's crashed car. He looks inside, but Kathryn is nowhere to be found. ("What Happened to Frederick")

After First Curse

After the breaking of the Dark Curse, Jim reunites with his true love, Kathryn, and they are now living together in her house.[1]

The devious Pan infiltrates Storybrooke by previously switching bodies with Henry and sets out to cast his own version of the Dark Curse. Regina puts a stop to it by undoing the curse she cast, but also getting rid of Pan's curse in the process. As a price, Storybrooke will be wiped out and all residents will have to return to the Enchanted Forest. Once Regina's task is done, everyone except Emma and Henry, who left town on the mayor's request, is engulfed by the curse's purple smoke. ("Going Home")

For events occurring before the casting of the second curse, see Frederick.

During Second Curse

A new curse is cast by none other than Snow White; returning Jim and the rest of the Enchanted Forest inhabitants to the town of Storybrooke. However, as a result of Wicked Witch of the West's interference, everyone's last recollection is the final day in Storybrooke when Regina stopped Pan's curse, but no one can recall anything further than that. ("Witch Hunt", "A Curious Thing")

Since his return, Jim wrote an ad in the Storybrooke Daily Mirror stating that the business "Sign, Embroidery Screening and Sporting Goods" was for sale.[2] ("Kansas")

Regina, after bestowing Henry with a kiss of true love, breaks the second curse. Like everyone else, Jim regains his lost memories of the missing year in the Enchanted Forest. ("A Curious Thing")



  • The name "Jim" is a reference to the character's occupation, which is gym teacher.

Character Notes

  • Jim's cell number is 555-0131.[2] ("Kansas")
  • His address[1] is 244[3] Clarkdale Drive.[4]

Production Notes

  • Although his name is never given, Jim's name was revealed in the press release for the first season episode, "The Return". Actor Greyston Holt filmed scenes for that episode that were later cut, but his credit remained.[5]



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