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This article focuses on Jefferson's Storybrooke mansion.
For his Enchanted Forest mansion, see Jefferson's Mansion (Enchanted Forest).

Wow. This is your house? It looks more like a hotel.
Emma Swan to Jefferson src

Jefferson's Mansion is a Storybrooke location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the seventeenth episode of the first season.


During First Curse

After the first curse is cast, Jefferson begins his new life in Storybrooke with memories from his prior life intact. Although his house is impressive, he lives alone and without his daughter, Paige, who doesn't remember him. When the curse savior, Emma, arrives to town, the curse weakens, making Jefferson believe that she has the magical means to help reunite him with his daughter. ("Hat Trick")

One night, Jefferson kidnaps Mary Margaret to his house after she flees her jail cell to escape a murder conviction. While out looking for Mary Margaret, Emma accidentally hits Jefferson with her car. Jefferson feigns a limp to buy sympathy from her as she apologizes by giving him a ride home. Upon seeing the sheer size of his house, she mistakenly believes he has a large family, but he states he lives by himself. Inside the mansion, Emma lies about looking for her lost dog, to which he shows her a map of the woods. Jefferson gives her tea spiked with sedatives, and after Emma passes out from drinking it, he ties her up. After waking up, Emma escapes by crushing a teacup under a pillow and using one of its broken shards to cut herself free. She then attempts to open the windows to no avail and takes a peek through a telescope to see her own office at the sheriff station; meaning Jefferson has been spying on her this whole time. Upstairs, she passes Jefferson as he is sharpening a pair of scissors and enters another room, where she unties Mary Margaret. The women sneak out into the hallway, but Jefferson surprises them with a loaded gun before forcing Emma to bind up Mary Margaret again. Jefferson forces her to tie up Mary Margaret again before bringing her to a room full of hats. There, he explains to a disbelieving Emma about the curse and his wish for her to make a hat that has magic in it. Emma, upon looking around the room, realizes Jefferson believes himself to be the Mad Hatter but she concedes to his request because Jefferson refuses to let her or Mary Margaret go until she does as he asks. However, Jefferson becomes agitated upon seeing that Emma's hat does not "work" and laments about being cursed forever. Emma, not getting what he means, points out he has a beautiful home, to which Jefferson tells her the curse ripped him from his loved one and then shows her Paige through the telescope. Emma plays along with his story until his guard is down, to which she knocks him unconscious and rushes back to the other room to free Mary Margaret. Jefferson, donning Emma's hat, rushes at the blonde, knocking the gun out of his own hand. He and Emma wrestle for it until Mary Margaret whacks him out the window with a croquet mallet. When the women look through the shattered window to down below, they see only the hat, with Jefferson seemingly vanished into thin air. Outside, Emma offers Mary Margaret her car keys to escape town, or to return to her jail cell. Mary Margaret, touched by Emma's sentiment that she considers her family and wants to help her face the tough situation she is in now, agrees to return to the cell. ("Hat Trick")


On-Screen Notes

  • The address number is 316.[1]
  • Jefferson has a room full of hats in his home, which he believes is the "door" back home.

Production Notes


Props Notes

Set Dressing

  • The tool set next to the fireplace is topped with a rabbit;[4] a reference to the White Rabbit from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
  • There is a vintage brass peacock fan fireplace screen[5] in Jefferson's home.[6]
  • Jefferson has birch tree trunks in his living room.[7][8] A room in his mansion has forest-themed wallpaper[9] and floral curtains.[10] There's a silver tree-like rack inside the hat room.[11] These are all references to the Enchanted Forest.
  • Eggs on legs sculptures are sitting on Jefferson's mantelpiece[7] and on a workroom shelf,[11] a reference to Humpty Dumpty, who appears in Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass.
    • These are Green Egg on Legs-Walking sculpture[12] and a Green Egg on Legs-Standing sculpture[13] from Global Views. On a workroom shelf,[11] there is an Ostrich Egg Standing sculpture from the same company.[14]
  • The painting on fireplace mantel[7] is called Vitamins, and can be found at the Winsor Gallery in Vancouver. It is an oil on canvas painting by Chad Durnford.[15]
  • Jefferson has a vintage Noguchi Akari Floor Lamp[16] in his livingroom.[7]
  • Jefferson's living room features a phenakistoscope,[8] an early animation device that used a spinning disk of sequential images to create an illusion of motion.
  • The lamps in the hallway of the mansion are teacup-shaped.[17]
  • The framed prints in the hallway are John Tenniel's illustrations from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass including:
  • The wallpaper in Jefferson's hallway[19] and living room[8] is Floral Harlequin HX90008 from Anderson Prints.[24]
  • Two tea set lamps are inside the room where Jefferson holds Mary Margaret captive.[3][25] These lamps are known as an Anthropologie One-Lump-Or-Two Lamp Base[26] (no longer available).
  • Jefferson's workshop[11] has Arabian Trellis wallpaper from Anderson Prints.[30]
    • In the workshop,[11] there is a Dear Ingo Pendant lamp from Moooi Lightings.[31]
    • The speakers in the room[11] are Minipod Mk2 Red speakers from Scandyna.[32]
    • A tea set is sitting on a shelf in the workshop.[33]

Filming Locations



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