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You need analysis, go talk to Archie.
Emma to Graham src

The Hopper Psychiatry Office is a Storybrooke location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the second episode of the first season.


During First Curse

Worried about the effects of the Dark Curse, Regina confronts Mr. Gold, claiming not to be happy, to which he suggests she pays a visit to Dr. Hopper's office. She then realizes he has no memory from his past life in the Enchanted Forest. ("Welcome to Storybrooke")

Years later, Regina becomes alarmed by her adopted son Henry's insistent belief that everyone in town is a fairytale character, and has him attend therapy sessions with Dr. Hopper. ("Pilot")

Later, when Henry's birth mother, Emma stays in town, Regina does her best to drive her out of town. She orders Dr. Hopper to secretly give Henry's files to Emma. At the same time, Emma is so concerned about Henry's over-imagination that she goes to talk with Archie. He explains Henry is using a fairytale storybook to deal with his issues. However, Emma notices Henry only go the book about a month ago while his problems date further back than that. Archie admits that Henry has had problems with his adoptive mother, Regina, and then offers her the files. As she leaves, he warns her not to destroy the boy's imagination. Once Emma is gone, Archie phones Regina to report that everything went as planned. Soon after, Regina sends Sheriff Graham to arrest Emma for stealing the files, though she is quickly bailed out by Mary Margaret. Later that day, Henry sits quietly during a therapy session, hurt after overhearing Emma call him crazy, and refuses to talk with Archie about it. Emma storms in, to which Archie begins apologizes for aiding Regina's prior plans. Playing along with the boy's ideas, she agrees that the curse is crazy, but might be true. Recalling what Henry told her earlier, Emma states she only told Regina what was necessary to throw her as they work to break the curse. As proof, she burns the storybook pages Henry gave her, which he had warned that Regina must never see. Ecstatic, he hugs her. ("The Thing You Love Most")

Recovering from this little bout of drama, Henry resumes telling Archie about his former life in the Enchanted Forest as a cricket named Jiminy. Archie wonders if all crickets in town were once people, but Henry states there are none. Soon, Archie is ordered by Regina to drive Henry's belief in the curse out of his head. Perplexed over the request, he distractedly thinks this over in his office. His friend, Marco, arrives to meet with him for lunch, but Archie declines since Henry is coming for another session. After Marco leaves, Henry states he is Geppetto. Still looking for proof of the curse, the boy shows Archie a flashlight and candy bars, which he intends to take with him for a search in the mines. Bluntly, he insists Henry has to stop, and refers to his fairytale beliefs as a delusion. Crushed, Henry flees the office. Feeling guilty, Archie sits on the couch drinking as his dog, Pongo, is beside him. When Emma knocks on the door, he doesn't bother answering, so she bursts in. Angrily, she confronts him about what he did to Henry, to which Archie responds defensively until they receive news from Regina that her son is missing. Horrified, Archie realizes Henry ventured into the mines alone. ("That Still Small Voice")

One of Storybrooke's residents, Kathryn, goes missing as her husband, David, suffers from blackouts and memory gaps. Though the phone records show he had a conversation with Kathryn on the night of her disappearance, he cannot recall anything. Worried, he looks for Archie in his office. The shrink assists David to access the memories by putting him in a relaxed state of mind. David begins to remember his conversation with Kathryn, but also has a recollection of something far more sinister—Mary Margaret's desire to kill someone—and bolts out of the office without telling Archie what he saw. ("Heart of Darkness")

To his surprise, Archie finds Mr. Gold outside the office door. He says the rent was already paid, but Mr. Gold states that's not the reason for his presence. To Archie, Mr. Gold opens up about the son he parted with on bad terms and since then they've been separated for years. He also suspects his son is still angry at him over the past and therefore is unsure how to make things right. Archie suggests Mr. Gold to be honest and ask for forgiveness from his son as there is no other way to patch up a broken relationship. ("The Return")

As the curse is lifted by Emma, Archie recalls memories of his former life while in his office. ("A Land Without Magic")

After First Curse

In an effort to better herself for Henry, Regina begins therapy sessions with Archie. Though having refrained from magic for two days, she is struggling to not use it. As they begin the conversation, Dr. Whale breaks into the office and demands that Regina send him home to his brother since her curse only took the living to this world. She admits it's not possible, to which Archie sternly orders Dr. Whale out of the office. Then, he asks Regina if what the doctor said is true since her dead father is in Storybrooke as well. Regina confirms that decision was based on her wish to bring her father and otherwise doesn't care about Dr. Whale or his brother. In an effort to dig deeper into her problems, Archie asks if she is holding onto anything from the past that should be let go of. She confesses preserving the corpse of her true love, Daniel, in the hopes he can be resurrected. Gently, Archie suggests that moving on is not possible until the past is let go. Unable to accept it, Regina leaves for home. At a later time, she returns to his office and miserably admits using magic on the same day. With compassion, Archie welcomes her into the office so they can talk about it. ("The Doctor")

Regina's mother, Cora, arrives to Storybrooke. Wishing to turn the townspeople against Regina so she'll rely on her, Cora assumes her daughter's form. As she walks down the street to Archie's office, Ruby, who is closing up the diner, sees her. In the office, Archie quickly discovers Cora's identity, but he is soon kidnapped by her. With the only witness being Archie's dog Pongo, she enchants his memories to show Regina killing his owner. In place of Archie, Cora disguises another deceased person as him. Distressed, Pongo runs from the office to the diner where Ruby senses something is amiss. She and Emma go check up on Archie, but find him dead on the floor. Ruby, recalling what she saw last night, voices her suspicion about Regina. Even at David and Mary Margaret's insistence, Emma has trouble believing Regina murdered someone after making so much progress to change. With her parents, they search the office and find Regina's file is missing. Still doubtful, Emma pins the crime on Mr. Gold, but he provides something that allows her to fully believe Regina killed Archie. ("The Cricket Game")

Not knowing how to deal with Archie's death, a saddened Henry repeatedly phones the shrink's office only to hear his voice on the answering machine message. Eventually, Archie is freed by Belle and Cora is proven to be responsible for the fake murder. ("The Outsider")

During Second Curse
After a second curse is enacted, Emma is brought back to Storybrooke by Hook. They pass by Dr. Hopper's office right before Emma heads to the loft of her parents, David and Mary Margaret. ("New York City Serenade")

After Third Curse

Deciding she needs help to work out her issues, Emma begins seeing Archie for therapy. She talks about her hand tremor and a vision that accompanies it, in which she is fighting an unknown enemy to protect her family and the person ends up killing her. Emma is reluctant to tell her family about the vision because she feels it's her duty as Savior to protect them, rather than them protecting her. When Archie suggests exploring who she is outside of her role as a Savior, Emma rejects the idea that she is having an identity crisis, and just wants him to help her stop the vision from coming true. She eventually leaves his office after he continues to try to persuade her otherwise. Emma later returns to apologize and reveals her theory that the enemy in the vision is actually Regina. ("A Bitter Draught")

As Archie is having a session with Leroy, Emma comes in without realizing he was already seeing a patient. Archie decides to end his time with Leroy in order to help Emma, much to the dwarf's protest, since he paid for an hour session. Leroy complains he hadn't even gotten to talking about Dopey leaving his mining shift to get a master's degree, and that this has forced him to do extra work in the mines. Emma is surprised to hear Dopey isn't a tree anymore, which Leroy states that the dwarves took care of this weeks ago without depending on her for help. After Leroy is gone, Emma tells Archie about how knowledge of her own future is getting in the way of her happiness. She doesn't even have the courage to ask Hook to move in with her, even though they both want this, because she can't give him a future where the vision doesn't come true. Archie advises her that life is about how she lives it, not how she ends it. Upon exiting the office door, Emma runs into Sean, who reports Ashley is missing. ("The Other Shoe")

After Emma apprehends Jasmine, Archie returns to his office, where he finds the Queen waiting for him. She wants to know about Emma's vision, but Archie stands his ground and refuses to tell her. The Queen then decides to find out from Emma herself, by disguising herself as Archie, while the real Archie is taken to Zelena's house as a hostage. In her Archie disguise, the Queen exits the office and tries to convince Emma to come in for another session. Emma declines and states she must find Aladdin, another Savior, and if he is still alive, it might mean her vision of her own death won't have to come true after all. Later, Leroy shows up to the office for another therapy session, but he finds Archie is not there, and then phones David to ask about the man's whereabouts. ("Street Rats")

At Archie's office, Hook pays the psychiatrist a visit to talk about David, whom he suspects still sees him as a no good pirate. He worries about not having David's approval, especially since he wants his blessing to propose to Emma. Archie believes Hook has come a long way in changing into a better person, and because life is short and precious, that if he wants David's advice, he can simply ask him. ("Murder Most Foul")


On-Screen Notes

  • The office address is 3580[1] Main Street.
  • The main entrance is located across the street from Granny's Diner, between Storybrooke Country Bread and Modern Fashions.[2] The office itself is located on the second floor, right across the street from the Marine Garage.[3] ("The Thing You Love Most" et al.)
  • The Storybrooke heritage seal is on the office building, next to the main entrance to the office.[4] ("Skin Deep")
  • According to a sign on the building, the psychiatry office is part of Storybrooke Clinic. Other doctors working at the clinic are Dr. M. Thisby, Dr. D. Woodmansley, Dr. T. Jensen and Dr. A. Montcalm.[5] ("A Tale of Two Sisters")

Set Dressing

  • The green stripes on Archie's office walls tapestry are a subtle a reference to his former life as a cricket; crickets live among grass. ("The Thing You Love Most" et al.)
    • The top of the wallpaper features trees in a forest, well above eye-level,[6] fitting for a former cricket. ("The Cricket Game" et al.)
    • Fittingly enough, at eye level, there are mushroom ornaments on Archie's bookshelf.[7] ("The Thing You Love Most" et al.)
  • A framed Doctor of Psychiatry diploma from the Stanforth University School of Medicine is hanging on Archie's wall.[8][9] However, this is just a fake document created by the Dark Curse. ("The Thing You Love Most")
    • This is a reference to the Stanford University School.
    • According to a behind the scenes photo posted on Tumblr, there is also a framed Master of Science in Psychiatry from the "Mostonian School of Medicine" in the office.[9]
  • Framed illustrations by the renowned German biologist and artist Ernst Haeckel are decorating the walls both inside and outside Archie's office. The pictures are from Haeckel's book Kunstformen der Natur (Art Forms in Nature), first published between 1899 and 1904 in separate installments, and collectively in 1904:
  • An L. N. Fowler phrenology head is sitting on Archie's shelf.[17] Phrenology, now considered obsolete, is a pseudomedicine based on the concept that certain areas in the brain were used for specific functions. The phrenology head (a china head showing the phrenological faculties) was a tool of trade for Victorian doctors.[18] ("The Thing You Love Most")
  • In the corner of Archie's office,[19] there is a painting by Jean Louis Prévost (c. 1760 – c. 1810; not to be confused with the Swiss neurologist Jean-Louis Prévost), a French still-life painter known for his depictions of flower arrangements in both oil and watercolor.[20] The painting is called Bouquet with Pink Roses and Blue Auriculas, and was created in 1805. Like the rest of his work, it is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.[20] (The Thing You Love Most" et al.)
  • In "The Thing You Love Most", a ship painting is sitting on the floor inside the office.[21] In "The Return", it is hanging on the wall right outside the entrance to the office.[22]
  • The painting Souvenir of Castel Gandolfo by the French nineteenth century painter Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, currently on display at the Louvre Museum in Paris,[23] is hanging on the wall in Archie's office.[24] ("The Other Shoe")


Filming Locations


"Archive" denotes archive footage.


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