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This article focuses on Mr. Gold's first house.
For his second house, see Belle and Gold's House.

Been looking all over the house for you. Didn't even hear you leave.
Belle to Mr. Gold src

The Gold House is a Storybrooke location on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the twelfth episode of the first season.


During First Curse

Following the casting of the curse, Storybrooke is created. One of the town's inhabitants, Mr. Gold, keeps many personal possessions, such as the chipped cup, stored in his house. ("Skin Deep")

On the day the curse savior, Emma arrives to town and decides to stay for a week, Mr. Gold regains memories of his former life. As a money collector, he regularly collects payments from those who utilize his services. When Moe is unable to pay loan fees, Mr. Gold takes away his delivery truck until he can. Regina, witnessing the dispute, tries to speak with a departing Mr. Gold, but he brushes her off. Suspecting he recalls his life before the curse, Regina encourages Moe into getting revenge on the landlord. Moe then breaks into Mr. Gold's house and steals many valuable possessions. After he is gone, Regina pockets the chipped cup, which she intends to use to prove Mr. Gold remembers his past life. A neighbor, seeing the house's front door open, phones the station. The sheriff, Emma, receives the call and goes to investigate. Mr. Gold, arriving home, finds the door open and draws his gun until seeing Emma. Suspecting Moe stole from him, he insists on handling the situation on his own. Under her threat of arrest for obstruction of justice, Mr. Gold admits he and Moe disagreed about collateral for a defaulted loan. Before Emma leaves to look for the suspect, he cautiously alludes to taking care of Moe himself if she doesn't find him. ("Skin Deep")

After First Curse
While asleep, Belle has a nightmare about Mr. Gold morphing into Rumplestiltskin and harming Leroy. Awakening in bed, she searches the house for Mr. Gold; finding him in the basement spinning gold and placing the thread in a beaker. Unknown to her, Mr. Gold is experimenting for a way to leave Storybrooke and look for his son, which is currently not possible because of the town line restrictions. As she confronts him about his use of magic that she witnessed in the basement, he casually tries to change the subject. Mr. Gold fibs that it's just a few spells to enhance his powers, to which a disappointed Belle can tell he is lying, and she insists that he needs courage to let her in. ("The Crocodile")

After Second Curse

After Third Curse
Learning about Mr. Gold's act of selflessness to save her, Belle drops her plans of leaving town to see the world, realizing she truly wants to be with him. She returns to the pawnshop, where she and Mr. Gold get back together. Later, at his house, they reconsummate their marriage. While Belle is still asleep in bed, Mr. Gold is in the middle of redressing himself when he receives an urgent text message from Emma asking him to meet her at the pawnshop. ("Swan Song")


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