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This article focuses on Frederick's Enchanted Forest persona.
For his Storybrooke counterpart, see Jim.

I am forever indebted to you.
—Frederick to Prince Charming src

Frederick is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the thirteenth episode of the first season. He is portrayed by co-star Greyston Holt, and is the Enchanted Forest counterpart of Jim.


Before First Curse

Frederick is the true love of Princess Abigail, and the two are engaged to be married. One day, while defending her father, King Midas, from robbers, he is accidentally touched by the king's golden hand. This transforms him into a golden statue. For several years, Abigail despairs over the loss of her beloved until Prince Charming helps to break the curse by procuring magic water from Lake Nostos. Abigail pours the water over Frederick, restoring him back to normal, as the two joyfully reunite. In turn, Frederick thanks Prince Charming for saving him. ("What Happened to Frederick")

When the Evil Queen casts the Dark Curse, Frederick, along with other inhabitants of the Enchanted Forest, are engulfed by its power. ("Pilot")

For events occurring after the casting of the first curse, see Jim.

Before Second Curse

After Regina takes magical preventive measures to undo Pan's casting of the Dark Curse, all the inhabitants of Storybrooke pay the price by returning to the Enchanted Forest and reverting to their prior personas. In a group, they manifest in the land of Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip. A plan quickly assembles for everyone to make their way to the Queen's old palace. ("New York City Serenade")

Threatened by the presence of the Wicked Witch of the West, Prince Charming and Snow White learn from a witch named Glinda that only the most powerful of light magic can defeat her. Realizing their daughter, Emma, fits the bill, Snow White casts another curse in order to whisk herself as well as everyone else back to Storybrooke. Before the curse spreads, however, the Wicked Witch interferes by adding a potion into the mixture to erase everyone's memories of the last year in the Enchanted Forest. ("A Curious Thing")

For events occurring after the casting of the second curse, see Jim.


King Midas


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  • Abigail is betrothed to Frederick


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