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You'll have to excuse us, but this is family business.
Ingrid to Belle

"Family Business" is the sixth episode of Season Four of ABC's Once Upon a Time. It was written by Kalinda Vazquez & Andrew Chambliss and directed by Mario Van Peebles. It is the seventy-second episode of the series overall, and premiered on November 2, 2014.


The race is on to track down the elusive Snow Queen, who was once a foster mother to a young Emma - whose memories of this event have been erased - in order to discover what her ultimate end game is for Elsa and the residents of Storybrooke, and unaware that she does not possess the real blade that controls The Dark One, Belle attempts to use it to get her reluctant husband to show her where the Snow Queen is hiding. Meanwhile, back in the past, Belle travels to Arendelle and, with Anna's help, seeks out Grand Pabbie to help her regain her lost memories in order to discover the fate of her mother.[2]


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Deleted Scenes

As described by Andrew Chambliss on the Season Four Blu-ray Audio Commentary:

During the scene where Emma and Hook discuss the Snow Queen's file, Hook opens up about his childhood and how his father abandoned him. The scene was cut because of time.[3]



Guest Starring



*: Only in archive footage



Production Notes

  • Emma says that she is "thirteen, maybe fourteen" in the video recording, but since "Shattered Sight" establishes that the recording was made in 1999, Emma would actually have been fifteen or sixteen at the time.
  • The establishing shot of the Storybrooke library[6] is stock footage from the opening shot of "Rocky Road".[7] Note that the time on the CGI clock tower is different.
  • In the episode script, when Emma and Hook discuss the Snow Queen's file, Hook reveals to Emma how his father abandoned him and his brother when he was a child. The three of them were voyaging on a ship, and one morning the brothers awoke, and discovered that their father was not in the cabin. They searched the ship in vain, and discovered that their father had stolen a dinghy while they were sleeping. It was a dreadful experience for Hook, but thankfully, he had his brother to steady him. He would never have survived without him.[8]
  • The moment with the Snow Queen standing in front of the mirror at the end of the episode, was not scripted, but added by the editors in post-production.[3]

Event Chronology

Episode Connections

  • The book Belle is holding, while the library is stormed,[9] is the same book that she's holding in the opening scene in "Skin Deep".[10] The book is elaborated upon in "Her Handsome Hero".
  • Emma and her family the watch the video recording first found in "Breaking Glass".
  • The video recording was made during "Shattered Sight".
  • The reason why Emma doesn't remember the time she spent with the Snow Queen is explained in "Shattered Sight". Emma gets her memories back in the same episode.
  • How the Snow Queen ended up in the Land Without Magic is explained in "Smash the Mirror".
  • The time Emma spent with the Snow Queen is explored in "Shattered Sight".
  • Regina comments on Hook and Emma "making eyes at each other". She made a similar comment in "The Jolly Roger".
  • The newspaper article about Emma[11] first appeared in "True North".[12] August showed Emma the same article in "The Stranger".[13] Emma shows the cashier the same article in "Firebird".[14]
    • The circumstances surrounding the event described in the article was revealed in "The Stranger".
  • Belle tells her father about a wizard, Rumplestiltskin, who can help them, which leads up to the events of "Skin Deep".
  • The Spell of Shattered Sight is cast in "Smash the Mirror". The spell strikes in "Fall", and is broken in "Shattered Sight".


  • While Belle is looking up information on how to get her memories back, there is a cross on the cover of one of the books.[15]



  • There is a close-up of Belle's eye as she awakens.[17] This is a recurring theme from Lost.

Fairytales and Folklore

Popular Culture

  • Emma makes a joke about the ice cream flavor Rocky road while searching the Snow Queen's truck.
  • Emma refers to the Snow Queen as "Dairy Queen", a reference to the ice cream franchise of the same name.

Props Notes

Trolls are creatures who are said to be formidable
telepaths and are said to ably employ subtle acts
of persuasion to bend others to their will.

Some earlier scolars [sic] even went so far as to
say that they have the ability to restore
memories that have been lost.

The Talismanic Adornments of
the Rock Troll

ᛏᚱᚩᛚᛚ ᚾᛖᚳᚳᛚᚪᚳᛖ*

Trolls can cast powerful enchantments – in particular spells used
to wrest someone's heart or mind.

They do this by the emanation of a magical frequency generated
through the crystals they wear about their body. The power of
this working is increased by their entire number acting
in unison.

The crystals made of andradite and peridot are worn by the
trolls also as protection and defense from the evil around
them including the machinations of men.

*Anglo-Saxon runes, which transliterate as "troll necclace [sic]

I have travelled the
world near and far

My search knows no

My obsession will
not leave me

My search will
continue to the ends
of the earth

One thing I know
for sure

The name of the
savior is Emma

The savior shall be
my sister

The family must be

  • During the shooting of the episode, Ingrid, Helga and Gerda's portraits had not yet been added to the family book that Elsa finds, so green circles were used instead.[24] The portraits were inserted digitally in post-production.
  • The names of Ingrid, Helga and Gerda are written in Elder Futhark runes[23] under the pictures in the family tree.[25]
    • According to the family tree, the sisters' parents were King Harald and Queen Sonja.[23] Harald is the name of the current king of Norway, and several ancient kings of Norway and Denmark. Sonja is the name of the current queen of Norway. Ingrid of Once Upon a Time shares her name with Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway, the grandchild of King Harald of Norway, and heir apparent of the Norwegian crown prince.
    • The sisters' paternal grandparents were King Olaf and Queen Astrid whereas their maternal grandfather was King Magnus.[23] Olaf was the name of many ancient kings of Norway and Denmark. The father of King Harald of Norway was King Olav. Princess Astrid was King Olav's second daughter. Many ancient kings of Norway and Sweden were called Magnus. It is also the middle name of Prince Haakon, crown prince of Norway.
    • The small caption above each name transliterates as "his majesty" and "her majesty".[23]

Costume Notes

International Titles



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