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But fairy magic is the purest magic of all.
Cora, disguised as the Blue Fairy, to Snow White src

Fairy Magic is a type of magic featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the first episode of the first season.


Fairy Magic is a type of magic that fairies, or users of fairy wands use. Just like most types of magic, the abilities of Fairy Magic include but are not limited to:

Most of the time, when used Fairy Magic, a powerful light, whose color depends on the practitioner, gleams. However, a puff of smoke can also be seen. ("That Still Small Voice", "The Black Fairy" et al.)

Fairy wands require a reagent. This reagent, called fairy dust, is obtained by dwarves, whose purpose is digging magical diamonds from a local mine, which they collect and refine into powdered fairy dust. Then, the dust is gathered in large amounts by fairies to practice their magical arts. ("The Price of Gold", "Dreamy")

According to the Blue Fairy, Fairy Magic is the purest of all light magic. Just like Nimue did to her Holy Grail magic, this is proven to be true in "The Black Fairy" where Fiona corrupts her light Fairy Magic when trying to crush Tiger Lily's heart, and becomes and known as the Black Fairy. ("Nimue", "Regina Rising")

According to Fairy Magic, creating a new spell by combining two different spells is forbidden. ("The Black Fairy")

Known Practitioners


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