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Eric Lange is the American actor who portrays Prince Leopold on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Eric Lange was born in February 19, 1973[1] in Hamilton, Ohio and spent six months of his childhood living in Indiana before moving to Fairfield, Ohio.[2] He attended Fairfield High School,[3] with extracurricular activities such as drama club, theater acting, choir singing as well as playing the piano and writing music.[2] Graduating in 1991,[3] he moved onto Miami University as a theater major. Three months[2] after finishing university in 1995,[3] he relocated to California and rapidly began landing commercial work as well as roles in plays. His movie debut followed a year later in High School Musical where he portrayed a singing waiter. Eric persevered with commercial work for eight years until coming into his own as a skilled actor. He has had guest spots on Castle, Touch, Grimm, Chuck, Weeds, Monk, Bones, My Name Is Earl, Criminal Minds and Boston Legal.[3]

Some of his most high-profile gigs included playing Stuart Radzinsky on the hit ABC series Lost and the eccentric acting teacher Mr. Sikowitz on the Nickelodeon teen show Victorious. He also had a featured role on the short-lived CW series Cult and on the FX series The Bridge, where portrays a friend of one of the series’ lead characters.[3]


  • He is claustrophobic.[2]



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