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An Episode Title Card is the unique graphic used at or near the beginning of ABC's Once Upon a Time beginning with the second episode of the first season. One is also used near the beginning of every episode of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

The Episode Title Cards feature a character, creature, location or item featured (or not) in the episode. This unique graphic appears under the Once Upon a Time title in the blue forest, or in a Wonderland red and white chessboard surrounded by mushrooms and with a mountainous background, under the "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" title.

View the title card gallery here.

Once Upon a TimeEdit

Season OneEdit

"Pilot" is the only episode of Season One to not feature a title card. It instead features four slides that set the premise for the series. The subsequent episodes and their featured item are listed below:

Season TwoEdit

Every episode of Season Two feature a title card tailored to the episode. Two images from Season One, that of Red Riding Hood and that of Rumplestiltskin's spinning wheel, have been reused, alongside twenty new slides.

Season ThreeEdit

The majority of Season Three's title cards featured a slightly altered forest background, however, the reason for this has not been confirmed.

Season FourEdit

Every title card of the first half of Season Four features the forest background with falling snow. The title card for "A Tale of Two Sisters" is the generic form of subsequent title cards until "Heroes and Villains".

Season FiveEdit

From "Souls of the Departed" to "Firebird", every title card features the forest background, but the color is red instead of blue to reflect the Underworld.

Season SixEdit


Traditionally, every title card for the mid-season specials features the special's title beneath the Once Upon a Time logo. The title cards for "Wicked is Coming" and "Storybrooke Has Frozen Over" feature the generic form of the forest background used in the majority of Season Three's title cards. "Dark Swan Rises" and "Evil Reigns Once More" use unique specialized title cards that do not follow the traditional title card format.


Promotional Title CardsEdit

Several unique title cards have been used for televised promotional purposes for individual episodes and each Season Four onwards season/storyline. These have been paired with sneak previews and other promotional trailers for their respective season:

  • "Ariel": The Once Upon a Time logo underwater
  • Season 4A: A snow-covered forest with a golden Once Upon a Time logo covered in ice
  • Season 4B: A forest filled with overgrown grass and vines
  • Season 5A: A black swan on a lake with Camelot Castle in the background[1]
  • Season 5A: A target[2]

Note: The title card with a target was only used at San Diego Comic-Con for Merida's promotion and has not been used for any other purposes.

Unused Title CardsEdit

There are several title cards unused on-screen that have been released:

  • A white horse
  • A male and a female on horseback
  • Mulan
  • Aurora pricking her finger on a spinning wheel

Once Upon a Time in WonderlandEdit



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