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This article focuses on the item used for manipulating someone's singing voice.
For the items used by mermaids, see Conch Shells.
For the items used for projecting messages, see Sand Dollars.

Every time I heard you sing, I heard your mother, and it was too painful. I let that pain fuel my desire for vengeance, but it shouldn't have. It should have reminded me that I still had a piece of her... you. Let me return your voice so I can hear it one last time.
Poseidon to Ursula src

The Enchanted Seashell is a magical item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the fifteenth episode of the fourth season.

The Enchanted Seashell is based on Ursula's Necklace and the item of the same name from the Disney movie, The Little Mermaid.


Before First Curse

Poseidon holds a grudge against humans, and makes his daughter Ursula lure sailors at sea to their doom with her singing voice. Ursula eventually has enough of this and steals a magic bracelet from her father's vault to gain human legs and disappears with plans of going to Glowerhaven to become a singer. Once Poseidon discovers Hook, captain of the Jolly Roger, has agreed to take Ursula there, he enchants a sea shell and offers offers it to the pirate, asking him to trap Ursula's voice within it so she won't leave the kingdom for Glowerhaven. When Hook refuses to betray Ursula, Poseidon sweetens the deal by offering him squid ink, which the pirate can use to give retribution to the Dark One. When Hook shows the seashell to Ursula, she recognizes it and begs him not to use it on her. Hook assures her that he won't, and tells Ursula about the deal he made with Poseidon. He believes that the ink must be inside the same vault where she found the bracelet, and Ursula offers to steal the ink for him so they can both get what they want. However, as she offers the stolen goods to Hook, her father shows up. When he is unable to convince Ursula to come home, he takes away the squid ink to prove Hook only cares about his vengeance. Angered that his only hope of revenge is gone, Hook spitefully captures Ursula's singing voice in the shell so Poseidon can never sink another ship again. Shattered at this betrayal, Ursula asks Hook how he could do such a thing, and reminds the pirate how he said he had a code and how he said he could never steal her voice, but Hook replies that that was before her father stole his chance at revenge. Ursula states that her father is a tyrant, but that Hook is no better. She then jumps overboard and swims away.("Poor Unfortunate Soul")

After Second Curse

Hearing someone summon her via a conch shell, Ursula meets up with Hook, who promises to restore her singing voice, in exchange for details on Mr. Gold's plans. Since the shell that trapped her voice is in the Enchanted Forest aboard the Jolly Roger, she uses a piece of the ship's rigging to open a portal and cross realms to bring the vehicle to Storybrooke's harbor. Below ship deck, Hook gives Ursula the shell containing her singing voice, but she is unable to reabsorb it. Disappointed, she considers her happy ending is still impossible without the Author's help, causing her to void her deal with Hook, as Hook angrily pulls a gun on her. Knocked out by her, he is then thrown into the sea, where Ariel rescues him. With her help, he brings Ursula's father, Poseidon, to Storybrooke and returns to Ursula with her father, who can restore her voice since he originally enchanted the shell. Poseidon apologizes to his daughter for using her gift for horrible deeds and expresses regret for not cherishing her talent as a happy reminder of his late wife. He uses magic to release her singing voice, allowing it to flow back into Ursula. After restoring her voice, he turns to leave, but a moved Ursula wishes to reconnect and decides to go home with him. ("Poor Unfortunate Soul")