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Edwin's House is a Victorian England location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It first appears in the first episode.


Before First Curse
As a child, Alice wanders down a rabbit hole into Wonderland, where she has exciting adventures exploring an unknown world. Her father, Edwin, comes to believe she is dead, however, she returns home after some time. Running to the doorstep of her house, Alice reunites with a shocked Edwin. She tells him about Wonderland, but a skeptical Edwin is convinced by a psychiatrist that his daughter is delusional. Alice, overhearing this conversation from outside her father's study, resolves to find proof of Wonderland. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

After First Curse

Years later, Alice returns once more to Wonderland in search of something she can bring home and prove her father wrong. Concluding his daughter is lost to him forever, Edwin moves past his grief by marrying Sarah and having another child, Millie. One day, while he and Sarah search the woods for a missing Millie, they find her with Alice, who has returned from Wonderland since losing her lover, Cyrus, after he was killed by the Red Queen. Although he still does not believe her, Edwin welcomes Alice into their existing family. Once they return to the house, he tries to set her straight about moving on from the past. That night, Alice wears a dress that Sarah gifted her and she has dinner with everyone. Both Edwin and Sarah try persuading her to think about the prospect of meeting a neighbor's son, but Alice suffers a breakdown, in which she crushes her drinking glass. Unable to forget Cyrus, Alice relives his death in her dreams and awakes shouting his name. Hearing the commotion, Millie comes to her room and inquiries about Cyrus. As Alice is relating her story, Edwin and Sarah arrive to send Millie to bed before reprimanding the elder girl for filling her sister's head with nonsense. Again, they pressure her to try harder to change. The next morning, Alice storms out of the dining hall when her father and stepmother bring in the neighbor's son. Outside the house, she expresses hurt towards Edwin since he doesn't believe Cyrus is real. He, at his wits end, decides Alice must go to a asylum for professional help. On the day of departure, Alice waits outside to be picked up by her psychiatrist while Edwin, inside the house, is comforted by Sarah for his difficult decision. ("Who's Alice")

On his quest to force Alice into making her three wishes, Jafar visits Victorian England and tracks down her father, Edwin, at his home. Presenting himself as Dr. Sheffield, he entices Edwin with his knowledge about Alice's whereabouts, and proves Wonderland is real by showing him the White Rabbit. Jafar then takes Edwin to Wonderland with the hopes of using him against Alice. After Edwin's life is threatened, Alice reconciles with her father and uses a wish to whisk him home. Edwin wakes up in his study just as his wife, Sarah, enters to check up on him. Although he remembers everything that happened in Wonderland, Edwin mistakenly believes it was just a dream. ("Bad Blood")

After Jafar's defeat, Alice and Cyrus return to England, and to Alice's old house. On the day of Alice's wedding to Cyrus, Edwin visits his daughter as she is getting ready. He thanks his daughter for proving to him that forgiveness can be real and is very happy to welcome Cyrus to the family. Alongside Sarah, Millie and various Wonderland guests, they pay witness to the marriage ceremony as the happy couple are finally joined in matrimony. Afterwards, Alice says a heartfelt farewell to Knave and then watches him leave for Wonderland with Anastasia. ("And They Lived...")

After Second Curse

Years later, Alice and Cyrus still live at Edwin's house, alongside their daughter. One day, in their garden, Alice narrates her past adventures to her young daughter, and ends the story by naming the White Queen and White King as rulers of Wonderland. Her daughter then dubs the tale "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland". Unbeknownst to them, the White Rabbit is watching the scene. ("And They Lived...")


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