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This article focuses on Drizella's New Enchanted Forest persona.
For her Seattle persona, see Ivy Belfrey.

You refuse to understand that we have a different story. That pain like mine can't be washed away.
—Drizella to Regina src

Drizella, also known as Drizzy, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She débuts in the first episode of the seventh season. She is portrayed by guest star Adelaide Kane, and co-stars Anna Cathcart and Lula Mae Melenchuk. She is the original counterpart of Ivy Belfrey.

Drizella is based on the Evil Stepsisters from the fairytale, "Cinderella", and on the character of the same name from the Disney film Cinderella. She is also based on one of Rapunzel's two children from the fairytale "Rapunzel".


After Fourth Curse

Drizella is the younger daughter of Rapunzel and Marcus Tremaine, and her older sister is Anastasia. During a lean season where food is scarce, she and her family are traveling on a wagon when her mother stops by a garden to pick radishes to feed her family. Rapunzel strangely disappears, with only her cloak left behind, when in fact she becomes entrapped in a tower after making a deal with a witch to secure her family's survival. Marcus eventually remarries to Cecelia and Drizella and Anastasia become stepsisters to Cecelia's daughter Ella. As she was only an infant when Rapunzel disappeared, Drizella becomes close to Cecelia, seeing her as her mother. ("One Little Tear")

Six years later, Drizella comes up with the idea to light lanterns and put them into the night sky with the hope that one of them will lead her mother home to her and her sister. While Anastasia is releasing the lanterns, Drizella tries to persuade her to come to the parlor to have some dessert. Anastasia doesn't want to give up yet and continues to have faith, even though Drizella thinks nothing will come out of the mission. Unknown to them, Rapunzel manages to escape the tower during this night and follows the lanterns home, where she happily envelopes Anastasia in a hug as Drizella watches. Despite the complicated situation now that Marcus is married to Cecelia and Rapunzel is back, Rapunzel is allowed to work on the estate as a maid and regularly sees her daughters. During an afternoon with her girls, she runs out of tea for them. Anastasia assures her they don't care about the tea and came to see her, however, Drizella reluctantly admits she is rather thirsty. After Marcus comes to pick them up, Rapunzel tells him how distant Drizella is with her, to which he insists she give her time as Drizella was only a baby at the time of Rapunzel's disappearance. ("One Little Tear", "Secret Garden")

During Drizella's birthday party, Rapunzel is serving guests as Cecelia tries to persuade her not to work on her daughter's special day and to instead celebrate the occasion. Drizella gets along well with her sister and Ella, something Marcus notices and suggests to Rapunzel that they as parents should try to do as well, especially since Cecelia has treated Anastasia and Drizella like her own, but Rapunzel refuses to look after Ella. Rapunzel tells him about Drizella's unenthusiastic reaction to the gift she gave her, and to her utter jealousy, she observes Drizella exclaim with joy over a violin that Cecelia gave her and call her "Mother". ("One Little Tear")

After Rapunzel drives Cecelia away by cursing her heart and prompting her to run off, Drizella continues to be on good terms with Anastasia and Ella as Rapunzel and Marcus grow closer. One year later,[1] during a snowy day, the girls build a snowman on a frozen pond, with Rapunzel noticing that the three truly look like sisters. When the snowman's hat blows away, Ella goes to retrieve it as a concerned Anastasia follows after her as she sees the ice beneath Ella is cracking. Rapunzel and Marcus, too caught up in their conversation, don't notice anything amiss until both girls fall into the water. Drizella looks on with horror and clutches hands with her mother as Marcus jumps in to rescue them, but as he is only able to save one girl, he grabs Ella first. Anastasia is eventually found, though she is already dead, to which a desperate Rapunzel gains Gothel's help with preserving her body until she can be brought back to life. ("One Little Tear")

Though Drizella is born with the potential for magic, her mother never lets her cultivate it. As Rapunzel becomes obsessed with reviving Anastasia, Drizella is left feeling neglected and unloved. ("Wake Up Call")

Several years later, Rapunzel, now known as Lady Tremaine, conspires to have Marcus killed, though whether Drizella is aware of her mother's involvement is unknown. After Marcus' death, Ella is forced to be a maid to Drizella and her mother in the manor and earns the nickname "Cinderella". ("Hyperion Heights", "The Garden of Forking Paths")

When Eudora and her daughter Tiana begin selling off their valuables, Drizella visits their estate to look at the wares, where she spots a Firefly Ruby on display. Tiana, recognizing it as her father's medallion, immediately withdraws it from the sale, prompting Drizella to suspect it is worth something. Tiana admits it is a medallion her father earned during the war for his heroism, and in reaction to this story, Drizella snidely remarks about how sad it is that he is no longer alive to save her and her mother from financial ruin. ("Greenbacks")

One night, Drizella prepares to attend a royal ball to catch the eye of a prince, but before leaving to go there, she finds her mother with Cinderella's Fairy Godmother. Tremaine explains that if Drizella is to be a princess, she must understand what real power looks like. Upon seeing her mother with the fairy's wand, Drizella becomes excited at the prospect of using it herself, but Tremaine warns her to never rely on magic for power because it can be taken and that fear is true power because it lasts forever. After Drizella apologizes for her lapse in judgment, her mother loftily tries out the wand just to see what it can do. Drizella flinches as she watches the fairy turn into a pile of dust, which Tremaine asks her to tell Cinderella to clean up if she ever returns. Later at the ball, she is rejected by the prince, causing her mother to set her sights on pairing her with the prince's younger brother, who has taken a liking to Drizella. When Cinderella is falsely accused of assassinating the prince, Drizella witnesses a stranger aid in her stepsister's escape. ("Hyperion Heights")

After Lady Tremaine successfully captures the stranger and holds him captive in Cinderella's bedroom, she prepares to leave to continue searching for her stepdaughter, but not before directing Drizella to force Henry into revealing where he hid Cinderella's slipper and then kill him. Drizella states that she doesn't understand why this is necessary, but Lady Tremaine tells her that she does not need to understand, just obey. Henry attempts to plead with Drizella, noting that she seems kinder than her mother, but Drizella smirks, pulls out a dagger, and assures him that she is not. Before she can interrogate him fully, Regina and Hook burst through a portal, defeating the knights guarding the door and demanding that Drizella set Henry free. Drizella is shocked and questions who they are and Regina responds that she is Henry's mother before magically knocking Drizella into a wall, rendering her unconscious. ("A Pirate's Life")

Fed up with her mother's abuse, Drizella makes her way to an old tower to find some magic she can use against her. She opens a box and releases a monstrous plant, which almost devours her, but is saved by Regina. When Regina realizes that she just saved Drizella, she mutters regretfully that she didn't let the plant eat her, but upon hearing the story of Drizella's childhood and her desire to be free from her mother, Regina begins to see a bit of her younger self in the girl and decides to train her. This training, at first, goes poorly as Drizella is barely able to lift the boulder Regina tasks her with, but Regina jumpstarts her magic by knocking a large part of the tower down and almost killing herself, causing Drizella to magically shatter it in order to protect her. They are interrupted by the arrival of Rumplestiltskin, who briefly converses with Regina. Afterwards, Regina returns to Drizella with new insight, knowing now that Lady Tremaine must be manipulating her daughter and allowing her to learn magic for a specific reason. Regina and Drizella spy on Tremaine, seeing her using the Fairy Godmother's Wand to give herself the power to rip out and then return Anastasia's heart, which Regina realizes she must be doing as practice. Since Lady Tremaine's earlier plan to use Henry's heart to revive Anastasia was foiled by Regina and Cinderella, Regina and Drizella deduce that she must now be planning to use Drizella's heart now that her heart is full of belief as a result of learning magic. Drizella begins to cry as she realizes she will never have her mother's love and asks Regina to help her kill her, but Regina refuses to let Drizella darken her heart. Angered, Drizella leaves to have Prince Gregor, her fiancé, help her instead. Together with the prince, she confronts her mother, but as Gregor moves to attack Tremaine, he is frozen in place by Regina. Regina gives Drizella one last chance to give up, assuring her that she will not find happiness by killing her mother, but Drizella reveals that she never intended to kill her mother before using her magic to cause one of Lady Tremaine's plants to grow immensely and pierce Gregor's chest, killing him. This darkens her heart, making it utterly useless to Tremaine. Deciding this isn't enough of a punishment, Drizella reveals to her mother that Regina previously told her about the Dark Curse, which she now plans to use to torture her further by making her life a living hell. Regina swears she will defeat Drizella as heroes always break curses, but Drizella smirks and declares she will just have to make her curse hero-proof. ("Wake Up Call")

During Drizella's quest to ensure her curse cannot be broken, she meets Alice, who wants a magical way to protect herself from her father Hook's cursed poisoned heart so that they can be together without harm coming to either of them. Drizella uses this opportunity to trick Alice into believing she has been shielded, which prompts Alice to seek out her father, resulting in Hook being poisoned. As Drizella intended, this causes Alice to run away to New Wonderland, luring in Henry and Cinderella as well. As Henry is searching for Cinderella after she goes into the Infinite Maze to find Alice, he is magically frozen by Drizella, who plucks a spotted mushroom and cuts into it, with intentions of poisoning his heart so that he and Cinderella can never share true love's kiss without there being fatal consequences. Henry makes a feeble attempt at trying to convince her that Cinderella isn't interested in him, but Drizella insists she is not leaving things to chance. She cuts into the mushroom and prepares to slather some of the poison on Henry's chest, but Cinderella arrives in time to punch her in the face, making her recoil and totter off balance from the impact. Drizella is then surprised by Alice, who dumps a looking glass on her to send her home. ("Pretty in Blue")

After Henry and Cinderella's daughter Lucy is born, Drizella pays a visit to Henry and his allies to gift them a prophecy of the curse she will cast on the child's eighth birthday. She prepares to retaliate against the heroes when they draw their weapons on her, however, she soon finds herself immobilized and rapidly turning into stone. As Drizella realizes they used blood magic on her, Lady Tremaine arrives, revealing she provided a drop of her blood to trap her. Drizella is unable to stop her own transformation into a statue, but just before she calcifies completely, she swears she will be back in eight years' time. ("The Eighth Witch")

Eight years later, the Drizella statue is now in the courtyard of Queen Tiana's castle, where Lucy's birthday is being held. Gothel arrives with coven of cloaked witches to free Drizella before offering her aid in fulfilling the prophecy. Drizella looks at the heroes with a triumphant smile as Gothel teleports away with her. Already having the seven curse ingredients in the form of the seven witches, Drizella seeks the eighth and final ingredient: magic from a a witch who crushed the heart of the thing she loved most. Since Regina is the perfect candidate for this, the coven of witches kidnap Henry, who is then poisoned by Drizella and Gothel, in order to force Regina into casting the curse as Henry can only survive if he goes to a Land Without Magic. While the coven, including Drizella, are gathered at the summoning altar, Tremaine shows up to warn her daughter that Gothel is only using her. Drizella ignores her advice and instead states that, in this new land, Tremaine will be cursed to think she cast the curse to revive Anastasia but Drizella will crush her hopes by killing Anastasia. Upon learning Henry has been captured by the witches, the heroes attempt an ambush on the coven, but the plan falls apart once Drizella confirms Henry is poisoned and blackmails Regina into enacting the curse so her son can live. As part of Drizella's failsafe for the curse, if it is broken by true love's kiss, Henry will die. ("The Eighth Witch")

For events occurring after the casting of the fifth curse, see Ivy Belfrey.

Magical Abilities

  • Telekinesis - Ability to control the movement of objects or other people/animals.
  • Teleportation - Ability to magically teleport oneself and/or others from one location to another.


Marcus Tremaine
Rapunzel Tremaine
Henry MillsAnastasiaDrizella


  • Solid lines denote blood relationships
  • Dashed lines denote marriage relationships that result in offspring
  • † denotes the deceased


Character Notes

  • When she was a child, Drizella had a doll named Beatrice. ("Knightfall")

Production Notes

  • When the first Cinderella's stepsisters were re-introduced in Season Six, the writers considered naming one of them "Drizella", but they ultimately chose to call them Clorinda and Tisbe. According to Jane Espenson, the reason is that there were already two characters whose name ended with "-ella": Cinderella herself and Cruella.[2] ("The Other Shoe")
  • According to Adam Horowitz, Drizella is "deliciously evil". He also added that "she takes a lot of abuse from her mom. But I wonder how long that will last".[3]
  • Adelaide Kane revealed that her slogan for Drizella is "buttoned up and bitchy". She also described her character as "a very high-strung, slightly ditzy young woman and she's just very petty", comparing her to "that awful bully in high school". However, she also explained that Drizella "doesn't know how to win people to her side, so she's just alone, snappy, snarky, sarcastic and miserable all the time".[4]
  • Anna Cathcart, who plays Tween Drizella in "One Little Tear", played the role of Drizella's daughter, Dizzy Tremaine, in Descendants 2.

Costume Notes



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