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Did I hear that right?
This page is the transcript for "Dreamy". Feel free to correct any errors. If you need any help, please see our policies.
SCENE: Enchanted Forest sky. Nova is flying with a bag of fairy dust as the Blue Fairy looks on. Nova comes crashing down into the clouds.

Blue Fairy: Easy!
Nova: Sorry.
Blue Fairy: Careful! Careful. Fairy dust is the most (Nova goes to put the fairy dust down and the Blue Fairy reaches forward nervously) precious substance in all the land. Its magic is what powers the world. This is the year's supply. We must be cautious.
Nova: (She nods her head) I know.
Blue Fairy: Because next year, you'll be doing this alone.
Nova: I'll still be picking up dust? I thought I'd be a fairy godmother by then.
Blue Fairy: (She laughs.) Oh, Nova. You really are a dreamer. Your journey is just beginning. Can you make it home from the mines with all the dust safe? (Nova nods her head.) Okay. (She flies away.)
Nova: Oh! (She grabs the fairy dust and flies after the Blue Fairy. As she does this, some of the fairy dust spills out of the bag. It spirals down into a hole in the ground.)

Wait... What happens next?!
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