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Henry: So... can you look for it?
Desk Sergeant: Sure. No problem. How 'bout I, uh, look under my desk here. Nope... I'm stumped.
Henry Mills and the Desk Sergeant src

The Desk Sergeant is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts in the first episode of the seventh season. He is portrayed by co-star Bruce Blain.


During Fifth Curse

In Hyperion Heights, the Desk Sergeant is a policeman who works at the police station. One day, as he is sitting behind his reception desk, Henry comes to the police station to report that his car has been stolen. To Henry's disbelief, the sergeant does not seem to care about his problem, as he makes a faux attempt at looking for the car under his desk before remarking that he is "stumped" to not find it there. Another officer, Rogers, interjects into the conversation, commenting that some officers still care about police work and helping people. As he ignores the cutting remarks, the sergeant leaves the situation to his colleague. Later, that night, he congrats Rogers, who comes back to the station, telling him that he has been promoted to detective, thanks to his "fairy godmother" Victoria Belfrey. Then, he introduces him to his new partner: Weaver. ("Hyperion Heights")

Some days later, the sergeant is supposed to take care of a perp named Sam, whom he brings to the station for acting disorderly at a cabaret. However, Sam becomes aggressive as he starts to attack and beat the sergeant. The policeman is saved in the nick of time by Rogers, who rushes into the police station to knock the guy out. Afterward, Rogers asks his colleague where he found Sam. As he is handcuffing the now unconscious perp, the sergeant states that Sam was at Pleasure Island Cabaret, and explains that the man was drunk and mouthy. Rogers comments that alcohol turns some people into jackasses, before noticing how the guy's tattoo is similar to Eloise Gardener's drawings. ("Greenbacks")

The day after Rogers rescued Eloise from Victoria, the sergeant is among the policemen at the station who applaud Rogers for solving the case. Then, he personally congratulates Rogers, asking him how he feels to be a hero. When Rogers retorts that he was simply doing his job, the sergeant ironically tells him he should say that to her, which draws Rogers' attention to the station doorway, where Eloise has just arrived with a cake for him. ("Pretty in Blue")

Through an anonymous tip, the sergeant learns Sabine does not have her food safety permit for her food truck. He pays a visit to the truck as the food fair is set to begin that evening and overhears Sabine mumbling to herself about how she is going to "kill him dead". When he inquires about who she intends to kill, Sabine plays it off as a joking expression and then offers him a bag of her beignets. The sergeant declines, saying he is on a diet, and instead asks to see her licenses and permits. After looking over Sabine's papers, he brings up her missing food safety permit and regretfully states he has to shut down her business. Sabine admits she filled out the paperwork but hasn't received anything back yet, however, she insists she needs to be at the food fair or her truck business will fail. The sergeant refuses to turn a blind eye, and when Sabine questions how he knew about the permit in the first place, he reveals he got an anonymous tip, leading Sabine to mistakenly believe Drew, who is competing against her with his own food truck, is the culprit. Later after Drew gives Sabine his permit so she can keep her truck open, the sergeant forgoes his diet and buys beignets and a bowl of gumbo soup from Sabine. ("A Taste of the Heights")



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