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This article focuses on the Curse of the Poisoned Heart.
For the curse with a similar name, see Curse of the Empty-Hearted.
Don't. You know my heart is poisoned. You can't come near me.
Hook (Wish Realm) to his daughter src

The Curse of the Poisoned Heart is a curse featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the eighth episode of the seventh season.


After Third Curse
In the New Enchanted Forest, Hook's heart is cursed by Gothel after she catches him visiting his daughter Alice in the tower. ("A Pirate's Life", "Eloise Gardener")

After Fourth Curse

When Ella is still young, her mother Cecelia is cursed with a poisoned heart and flees to New Wonderland to keep her and her stepfather safe from her. During Cecelia's time in Wonderland, she encounters Alice at a tea party and tells her about having to leave her family behind because of her cursed heart. They are attacked by a Jabberwock, and in the ensuing battle, Cecelia is killed while Alice slays the beast. Ceceilia's husband, who is unaware of his wife's curse, comes to believe she has stopped loving him after his locket, which glows so he can always find her, stops shining. ("Pretty in Blue")

Learning about the true love that his other counterpart and Emma share, Hook begins traveling in search of Emma, who he believes can heal his cursed heart. Hook attempts to take his counterpart's place in Emma's life, but regrets his actions after discovering Emma is pregnant as he doesn't wish to separate a father and his child as Gothel did to him and his daughter. During a scuffle with the other Hook, he receives a fatal injury from his own dagger, and as he is dying, he tells him about how he acquired a cursed heart. After being healed by Emma, Hook accompanies Henry as he continues looking for his daughter. ("A Pirate's Life")

At some point after Drizella learns how to use magic, she tricks Alice into believing she has succeeded in shielding her from the curse of the poisoned heart's effects. This leads Alice into reuniting with her father Hook as she assumes nothing bad will happen from being in close proximity to him now, however, when the two hug, the poison in Hook's heart rapidly increases, especially the closer Alice is to him. Additionally, Alice receives a mark on her arm as a side effect of being touched by the cursed person. After Ella and Henry follow her to New Wonderland, Ella splits from Henry in order to go into the Infinite Maze, where she finds Alice at a tea party. Alice reveals Cecelia's curse affliction as the reason for abandoning her family, to which Ella realizes her mother loved her and her father but had no choice but to stay away. As for why Alice went to Hook despite knowing the curse's effects, she explains her prior encounter with Drizella. Ella, fearing Henry is in danger, rescues him just as Drizella in the process of trying to curse his heart so he and Ella can never share true love's kiss without fatal consequences. After Ella and Henry return to a recovering Hook, they give him a knight chess piece from Alice, who wants him to know that she believes they can be together one day once he is cured. ("Pretty in Blue")