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This article focuses on the second iteration of Cinderella.
For her Seattle persona, see Jacinda.
For the first iteration, see Cinderella (The Price of Gold).
For the fairytale, see Cinderella (Fairytale).
For the film, see "Cinderella (Film)".

'Cause that "prince" took everything from me. He killed my father, and I've been locked up sweeping floors ever since.
—Cinderella to Henry src

Cinderella is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She débuts, with her only appearance, in the first episode of the seventh season. She is portrayed by starring cast member Dania Ramirez, and is the original counterpart of Jacinda.

Cinderella is based on the titular character from the fairytale, "Cinderella", and the Disney film, Cinderella.


After Fourth Curse

In the New Enchanted Forest, Cinderella lives on a mansion with her stepmother Lady Tremaine and her stepsister Drizella. At some point in the past, her father was murdered by a prince, which contributed to her stepfamily demoting her to be a maid in their household. Cinderella desires revenge for her father's death and makes plans to attend the upcoming royal ball, where she will kill the prince. On her way there in a chariot, she is thrown from her seat after narrowly missing a man on a motorcycle. Cinderella, knocked unconscious, is woken up by the stranger, Henry, who offers her a ride to the ball. As Henry is giving her a demonstration on how to operate the motorcycle, she asks him about how her story ends, seeing as he somehow knows about it. Henry explains that the prince finds the glass slipper she leaves behind at the ball and uses it to prove she is the owner, but Cinderella scoffs at this, considering many women have the same foot size as her. During the conversation, she pockets Henry's dagger without him noticing. Cinderella distracts him by concluding the story needs a twist before she punches him in the face and speeds away on the motorcycle. ("Hyperion Heights")

Cinderella makes it to the ball, but Henry does as well, and he pulls her into a dance to confront her for stealing his dagger. When Henry correctly guesses she didn't come to woo a prince, Cinderella reveals her reasons for wanting the prince dead. Henry asks her to consider what her fate will be after she is caught for murder, but she is resigned to it, believing she has no happy ending. He suggests that their meeting was a sign there is and tells her about his home where she can start over. Cinderella refuses, insisting that she cannot let this grudge go. She succeeds in charming the prince, but once she is alone with him, she pulls out the dagger on him. Strangely, Cinderella finds herself compelled by a magical force that keeps her from stabbing him, only for her stepmother to finish the job for her. After Lady Tremaine falsely accuses her of assassinating the prince, Cinderella attempts to escape capture from the guards. Henry urges her to take his bike and wait for him where they first met so they can leave together for his home. While Henry fights one guard, Cinderella parries with another until she manages to flee the castle. Cinderella returns to the site of her and Henry's first meeting, but for an unknown reason, she leaves behind one of her glass slippers and disappears from the area. Upon finding the slipper, Henry decides to stay and look her. ("Hyperion Heights")

At a later point in time, Cinderella and Henry get married and eventually have a daughter named Lucy. Years later, after Henry disappears because of the attack of a mysterious enemy, a fairy called Tiger Lily sends Lucy to deliver a book to her mother, who she claims will be waiting for it. ("The Final Battle Part 2")

For events occurring after the casting of the fifth curse, see Jacinda.


Father †
Lady Tremaine
Henry MillsDrizellaAnastasia[1]


  • Solid lines denote blood relationships
  • Dashed lines denote marriage relationships that result in offspring
  • † denotes the deceased


Production Notes

  • The casting call describes her as "a 'strong-willed, independent woman with a no-nonsense sensibility and a warm heart at her core'. Life hasn’t always been kind to her, but she is 'sharp and resourceful' and never gives up on herself — or those she believes in".[2]
  • According to Dania Ramirez, Cinderella "is edgy and grounded and raw and a badass". She also added that "she's not this damsel in distress. Meeting the prince was [not] the end of her night, that was actually the beginning".[3]


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