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This article focuses on the fairytale, "Cinderella". For the Enchanted Forest character, see Cinderella. For the film of the same name, see Cinderella.
Background Information
Written by: Charles Perrault
Publication: 1697
Adaptation Information
Featured Episode:

"Cinderella", also known as "Cendrillon, ou La petite Pantoufle de Verre", is a fairytale featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It was written by Charles Perrault and incorporated in the book "Stories or Fairy Tales from Past Times with Morals" in 1697. A version was also written by German authors, The Brothers Grimm, in 1812.

Traditional Plot

Desperate for his daughter to have a mother's care, a wealthy widower marries a woman with two daughters of her own. In time, however, the stepmother's cruel nature is revealed and the young girl is forced to become a scullery maid in her own home. The stepsisters spitefully rename her "Cinderella" due to the fact that she slept near the fireplace and awoke covered in cinders

Despite the cruelty inflicted upon her, Cinderella remains gentle and patient, never revealing the abuse to her father due to the fact that the stepmother controls him entirely.

One day, the Prince organizes a lavish ball and invites every eligible maiden in the kingdom so he can select a wife. The stepsisters gleefully prepare for the event, all the while taunting Cinderella. 

When the stepfamily departs for the Palace, Cinderella bursts into tears only to suddenly find herself face-to-face with an elderly woman who introduces herself as her Fairy Godmother and explains that she is here to help her. 

After turning Cinderella's clothes into a beautiful ballgown complete with a pair of glass slippers, the Fairy Godmother warns her that she must return home by the time the clock strikes midnight.

Cinderella arrives at the Royal Palace and entrances everyone present, including the Prince. The two dance the night away, but time quickly passes and Cinderella finds herself forced to leave sometime before the clock strikes twelve. She thanks her Fairy Godmother upon returning home and proceeds to fall asleep only to be forced awake by the return of her stepfamily, who talk endlessly about the beautiful maiden who vanished without a trace.

The next evening, a second ball is held at the Royal Palace and Cinderella attends the event with her Fairy Godmother's help. As before, she dances the night away with the Prince and loses track of the time. When the clock strikes midnight, Cinderella flees from the Palace as the spell is broken, unaware that she has left one of the glass slippers behind in her haste. She soon realizes that the other slipper did not disappear and decides to keep it hidden from her stepfamily.

Vowing to find the girl who left the slipper behind, the Prince issues a proclamation that every woman in the kingdom is to try it on. Upon arriving at Cinderella's residence, both of the stepsisters try to win the Prince over to no avail.

Just as the Prince is about to leave, Cinderella appears and asks if she may try the slipper on. Despite protests from the stepfamily, Cinderella slides the slipper onto her foot before producing the other for good measure.

The Prince proclaims that Cinderella will be his bride and the two marry soon afterwards. The stepsisters eventually earn their forgiveness and wed two young lords.

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