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So how does it feel to finally be chosen before Regina?
Weaver to Kelly West

"Chosen" is the seventeenth episode of Season Seven of ABC's Once Upon a Time. It was written by Paul Karp & Brian Ridings, and directed by Lana Parrilla. It is the one hundred and fiftieth episode of the series overall, and premiered on April 13, 2018.


Kelly comes face-to-face with the Candy Killer after someone she loves is taken hostage. Meanwhile, Samdi uses Drew to execute a deadly plan. In a flashback, Zelena learns a harsh lesson after an encounter with Hansel and Gretel goes awry.[2]




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Production Notes

Event Chronology

Episode Connections

  • Kelly knows that she is next on the Candy Killer hit list, something she discovered in "Breadcrumbs".
  • Henry was kidnapped by Nick in "Breadcrumbs".
  • Nick was revealed to be the Candy Killer in "Sisterhood".
  • Nick talks about his past identity as Hansel, which was revealed in "Breadcrumbs".
  • Nick talks about the death of his sister Gretel, who was murdered by Drizella in "Sisterhood".
  • Weaver mentions Zelena surviving his attempt to kill her with magic, an event seen in "Kansas" and "Heart of Gold".
  • Roni has found the necessary moss ingredient for a spell to cure Henry, which she started searching for in "Breadcrumbs".
  • Henry told Jacinda, Rogers and Weaver that he was going to a job interview in New York in "Breadcrumbs".
  • The Crimson Crow, the tavern that Jack took Henry to on the latter's nineteenth birthday, is the same tavern where Tiana met Robert in "Greenbacks".
  • Rogers mentions how he and Nick visited Flynn's Barcade, which took place in "Sisterhood".
  • Drew is seen working at Rollin' Bayou, a result of Sabine hiring him in "A Taste of the Heights". She also mentions Tilly working there. Tilly started working for Sabine in "Breadcrumbs".
  • Kelly mentions that she killed a Munchkin, a reference to how she killed Boq in "Our Decay".
  • Kelly mentions how Margot has made "a cute blond" friend, referring to Margot's story with Tilly in "The Girl in the Tower" and "Breadcrumbs".
  • Margot says things with Tilly are "still really early", however, she eventually asks Tilly out in "The Guardian".
  • Roni says to Kelly, "Go on, you monkey. You get on that bike and fly.", mirroring Kelly's training instructions from "The Eighth Witch", where she said, "All right, my cycling monkeys. Grab onto your bikes and fly!".



Fairytales and Folklore

Popular Culture

  • When Zelena confronts the Witch for the second time in the episode, she mentions Candy Crush. This appears to be a play on words by the writers in reference to the Facebook game Candy Crush, in addition to the phrase being used by Zelena in the episode as a literal emphasis on the Witch's penchant for baking sweets and using candy-based magic.

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