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You steal babies. Steal them from their mothers' arms. So, why, of all the babies, in all of the realms, why did you abandon the one child who was actually yours?
Rumplestiltskin to the Black Fairy

"Changelings" is the ninth episode of Season Six of ABC's Once Upon a Time. It was written by David H. Goodman & Brian Ridings, and directed by Mairzee Almas. It is the one hundred and twentieth episode of the series overall, and premiered on November 27, 2016.


In a Fairy Tale Land flashback, Rumple collects Jack and Jill's son as bait to lure a powerful being to him. Back in Storybrooke, Gold tells the Evil Queen that she must kill Zelena, and the EQ makes a decision that will change her relationship with her sister forever. When Belle discovers Gold’s plans for their son, she convinces Hook and Emma to help her steal squid ink that can immobilize him, and, as a result, Belle is left to make a sacrifice that will affect the lives of everyone in Storybrooke. Meanwhile, Jasmine finds a genie-less lamp that she hopes to use to save Agrabah, and Aladdin finds a way to be her hero.[2]


Deleted Scenes

"Collecting On A Deal" (Scene 2-3-4)

This scene is included on Once Upon a Time: The Complete Sixth Season.

A scene where Rumplestiltskin steals Jack and Jill's infant son and the Blue Fairy tries in vain to protect the child.



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Production Notes

  • Jaime Murray is misspelled as "Jamie", instead of "Jaime" in the press release.
  • The press release credits Jacky Lai's character as Novice Fairy/Young Nun. However, her Enchanted Forest counterpart does not make an appearance.
  • The establishing shot of the Dark Castle is stock footage from the background plate of a view of the castle in Belle's Dream World in "The Savior.[5]
  • In Belle's dream, she mentions Hildrew as the author of the book Manual on Defeating the Dark One. This is a reference to Geofrey Hildrew,[6] one of the editors on the show, who also directed the episode "The Bear King".
    • Belle also mentions a book called Treatise on the Metaphysics of Magic by "Goldman", a reference to Mark Goldman, also an editor on the show, and the one who provided the voice of Sven.
    • Another book mentioned in the dream is The White Sorcerer's Way by "Talbot", a reference to Joe Talbot Hall, another editor on the show.
  • The episode script contains a segment where Emma asks, "You sure about that?", and Belle answers, "He still loves me."[7] This segment is not in the final episode.
  • In the episode script, Belle describes Fairy language as ancient, and says that almost no one knows it. She also says that her mother taught her some when she was young.[8]
  • Granny serves Belle a cup of chamomile tea that "soothes the soul", and Hook comments on how it helps calm the nerves. Unbeknownst to Granny, however, the tea has been dosed with aging powder that accelerates Belle's pregnancy and causes her to go into labor. Chamomile, an old medical herb, can actually be used to reduce stress, and has been stated to have a soothing and calming effect.[9] However, the consumption of too much chamomile can lead to a miscarriage, or a premature birth.[10]
  • Nick Hunnings, who portrays Jack, also portrays the Prison Guard in "The Cricket Game".

Event Chronology

Episode Connections


Fairytales and Folklore

Popular Culture

Props Notes

  • The essay written by one of Mary Margaret's students, Victoria N., is about "the best invention of all time". It reads:[20]

For me, the best invention in the world that
was ever invented is swimming polls [sic]! Swimming
pools are the best inventions cuz you can dive
from high places, and there is a lifeguard [obscured]
dangerous as if you did it [obscured]

Spelle for the Removal of Errant Hairs
on Any Parte of the body.

Stand ye in front of a large looking glass.

Looke fulle at the part of your body whereabouts
the folicles [sic] are to be diminished. Thereafter fashion
a concoction of clove spice, macerated rose-hips
and milk whey.

Mix the ingredients together full well and apply
to the glass that reflects the portion of the body to
be acted on.

Say the incantation follicles be damned, get thee
gone by wave of my hand.

[faded word] wave your right hand in a deosil motion in
a front of thine likeness and
paste into a pannie[obscured]

This mixtur[obscured]
when the moon[obscured]

  • The book that Mr. Gold is reading when Hook walks into his shop[22] contains an illustration of a magic circle from Key of Solomon, an old grimoire incorrectly attributed to King Solomon. This particular illustration is from one of the earliest manuscript of the grimoire, entitled The Clavicle of Solomon, revealed by Ptolomy the Grecian, written in English and Latin and dated 1572. Note that the illustration has been touched up, colorized and modified by the prop makers: For example, the sensors in the north, east, south and west have been replaced with new symbols (a star and circle inside a circle), the Stars of David (✡) have been replaced with three five-pointed stars (☆), the text in the inner circle (which has no actual meaning) has been slightly modified and the two lowermost text passages have switched sides, while the word "Plemoma" (Esperanto for "people") has been added to the center.
    • The caption reads:

In this magical spell the magus is shown
[image begins] who follows the other side the forme of
[image begins] circle shall be as sure as in a very
[image begins]ong castle within he need not feel the
[image begins]fect of any magic. He is impervious
[image begins] enmity and mentacity.

  • The text is adapted from the caption which accompanies the original illustration in the book. The original caption reads thus: "Heare Followeth one the other side the forme of the circle whosoever be in such a circle shall be as sure as in a very stronge castle wherin he needeth to feare nothinge."[23]
  • The illustration on the other side of the page[22] (seen through the paper) contains symbols from the outer circle of the Pentacle of Solomon, an illustration found in the Lesser Key of Solomon, an anonymous grimoire on demonology compiled in the mid-17th century. (Note that since the page is seen from behind, all the symbols are mirror-inverted.)
  • Around the illustration, the names Jaldabaoth, Samael, Nebro and Saklas (the latter is partially obscured but can be seen in the concept art) are printed. These are all alternate names for the Gnostic demiurge Yaldabaoth.
  • The caption beneath the illustration is difficult to read since it is only seen though the paper and is therefore mirror-inverted; in addition, the first caption, which is printed on the opposite side, obscures most of the text. However, if you flip the screenshot, you can read parts of it, while some of it can be seen on a piece of concept art by graphic designer Neil Westlake.[24] The text is taken from The Book of Abraham the Jew[25] (1774) by Abraham Eleazar, who was supposedly a Jewish alchemist. Nothing is known about him; his name was most likely fictional and the real author seems to have been a person called Julius Gervasius of Schwarzburg.[26] The full excerpt (the parts which can be read on-screen are set in bold, while the parts that can only be seen on the concept art are set in fuchsia) reads:[25]

This is the Spirit; thus out of the Dew is
drawn out and with which our salt
is prepared. The undermost culebra* serpent
however denotes our Materiam,
everywhere to be found; it is earthly and also
heavenly, then it the right Earth, Virginea et
Adamica. That one however may know what
it is, so is such to be found under the
vegetable roots.

*The word "culebra", Spanish for "snake", was added for the show

Set Dressing

Costume Notes

International Titles



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