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Since there have been a growing number of editors here, there have been some added categories that don't need to be added to certain pages. Below is a guide (which we believe covers all the pages) that outlines what categories should be place on what page. "Special Case" and vague categories are defined.

It is our policy here at the Once Upon a Time Wiki to have only categories that are necessary. Please do not add categories without getting approval from an admin.

Character Pages

Categories for All Characters

  • Characters
  • Male/Female Character
  • Storybrooke/Fairytale Character
  • Hero/Villain: This is really just a more fairytale way of saying Good/Bad. Sometimes it can be hard to tell. If unsure then leave it blank. Not all characters will have this category.
  • Season [number] Characters

Categories for Special Cases

  • Royalty: In case the character is royalty. For instance, King Midas is the king of his country, but Gretel is the daughter of a peasant woodcutter.
  • Animals: In case the character is an animal. For instance, Pongo, Archie Hopper's pet dalmation.

Episode Pages

Categories for All Episodes

  • Season [number]
  • Episodes


Categories for All Galleries

  • Galleries

Categories for Special Cases

  • Galleries That Need Images: This is a special category for any galleries that have three or fewer images, but could have more. Note that some galleries will be smaller than others, depending on the subject.


Categories for All Transcripts

  • Transcripts
  • Season [number]


All Locations

  • Locations
  • Storybrooke/Fairytale Location

Categories for Special Cases

  • Dimensions: Dimensions are different worlds themselves, not just locations within a world. For instance, Enchanted Forest would be a dimension; Dark Palace would be a location. Storybrooke would be a dimension, since it is in a different world, but Storybrooke Elementary would be a location within Storybrooke.


The other category should be used in reference to something that doesn't really fit anywhere else. Something like the Title Cards page or the Video Chapters. The category isn't used very often but if you feel it doesn't belong anywhere else then please use this category. Subcategories include:

  • Items
  • Merchandise

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