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Bernard Curry is the Australian actor who portrays Liam Jones on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Bernard Curry was born on March 27[1], 1974[citation needed] in Melbourne, Australia.[2] He has a sister, Margaret, and three brothers, Peter, Andrew and Stephen, who are also in the acting business as well.[3] The foundation of Bernard's career as an actor has been solidly built on television and movie roles in his native Australia such as Blue Heelers, The King, Out of the Blue, MDA, CrashBurn, Stingers, RAW FM, Neighbours, Halifax FP, Satisfaction and Packed to the Rafters. He hosted the Australian version of reality series Beauty and the Geek for four seasons, and has also appeared in feature films Puppy, The Dish and Junction Boys and various theater productions including The Rocky Horror Show.[4] Overseas, Bernard has guest starred on the American series NCIS, Pretty Little Liars, Hit the Floor and Ravenswood.

He is married to his wife, Sonya, and they have two sons, Fox and Banjo.[4]


  • He sometimes plays with his Melbourne-based music band Johnny Wonderpants.[5]


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