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This article focuses on the Season Seven episode.
For the story, see "Beauty and the Beast".
For the Disney film, see Beauty and the Beast.
For the character based on Beauty, see Belle.
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This page is dedicated to "Beauty", an upcoming new episode.
Updates to this page may be frequent, and information will be added as it becomes available.

"Beauty"[1] is the fourth episode of Season Seven of ABC's Once Upon a Time. It was written by Dana Horgan & Leah Fong,[1] and directed by Mick Garris.[4] It will be the one hundredth and thirty-seventh episode of the series overall, and will premiere on October 27, 2017.[3]




(This list is based on actors and characters known to be in the episode. It will be updated as more information is released)


Guest Starring


  • Unknown baby as Gideon[11]

(Bold characters have been further confirmed by news articles/photos)


Production Notes


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