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This article focuses on Ashley Boyd's Storybrooke persona. For her Enchanted Forest counterpart, see Cinderella.
Ashley Boyd
Storybrooke Character
Biographical Information
Counterpart: Cinderella
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Home: Storybrooke
Occupation: Maid (formerly)
Waitress at Granny's Diner
Physical Description
Species: Human
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Show Information
Portrayed by: Jessy Schram
First appearance: "The Price of Gold"
Latest appearance: "The Snow Queen"
Latest mention: "Unforgiven"
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I'm changing my life.
—Ashley to Mr. Gold src

Ashley Boyd is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. She débuts in the fourth episode of the first season of Once Upon a Time. She is portrayed by guest star Jessy Schram, and is the Storybrooke counterpart of Cinderella.


For events occurring before the casting of the first curse, see Cinderella.

During First Curse

At nineteen, Ashley is pregnant and abandoned by her boyfriend, Sean, at the insistence of his father Herman. Instead, Mitchell arranges for Ashley to give up her rights as parent and sign adoption papers for Mr. Gold to find a good family for the child. While doing laundry in the back room of diner, Ashley sees Emma walks in to get a replacement shirt after spilling cocoa on herself. Miserably, the girl tells Emma no one thinks she will get anywhere in life because she is nineteen and pregnant. Emma proceeds to tell her about her own teenage pregnancy and Ashley feels inspired enough to do something about the situation. That same night, Ashley breaks into Mr. Gold's shop to steal back the adoption papers. Mr. Gold demands to know what she is doing, and Ashley fiercely replies, "Changing my life", and knocks him out with pepper spray.

The next day, Mr. Gold feigns concern for Ashley and asks Emma, to which she agrees. In actuality, he doesn't want Ashley to break the deal they made by running away with the adoption papers. Emma interrogates Ruby about Ashley's possible whereabouts, who redirects her to Ashley's ex-boyfriend, Sean. Showing up at the doorstep of his home, Emma tries to convince him to help Ashley. Instead, his father Mitchell steps in to inform Emma finds out about the adoption papers Ashley signed and gave to Mr. Gold. At the diner, Ruby finally tells her she lent Ashley the car to escape town and go to Boston. On the drive out of Storybrooke, Ashley begins to go into labor. Emma and Henry find and bring her to the Storybrooke General Hospital. Ashley delivers a healthy baby girl named Alexandra and Mr. Gold comes to collect the child. Emma makes a deal with him and he forgives the debt. As Ashley rests in her hospital room with Alexandra, Sean arrives to apologize for his past behavior. He and Ashley reconcile, and Sean presents a gift for their new daughter—a pair of shoes that fit her feet perfectly. ("The Price of Gold")

On Valentine's Day, Ashley bumps into Emma and Mary Margaret at the diner. As she comes in, Granny holds Alexandra while she rests. She tells Emma and Mary Margaret that Sean has become increasingly busy with work, so Ruby proposes a girls' night out, but Emma declines to attend. While at the bar, Ashley is urged by Ruby to try talking to other guys since Sean is not with her. Since she refuses, Ruby goes on to flirt with them. Ashley finds it hard to enjoy herself and misses Sean until he suddenly shows up and proposes to her, which she accepts. They leave to spend their remaining free time together driving around in Sean's car. ("Skin Deep")

After First Curse

After Emma breaks the curse, all Storybrooke residents, including Ashley, regain their Enchanted Forest memories. During the Wraith attack, a man shows up at the diner just as Ashley and Leroy are leaving. As the man walks toward the diner, he bumps into Ashley and secretly swipes a key from her. Leroy yells the diner is closed, but the stranger ignores him. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

Some time after, she and Sean move in together.[1]

After Second Curse

As Ashley raises Alexandra, she starts a group, Mommy & Me, for mothers to meet up and spend quality time with their babies. Among the attendees are Aurora and her son Phillip as well as Mary Margaret and her son Neal. During one get-together, they finish the session by singing a song to their babies and Ashley announces she has made CDs for everyone so they can learn new songs for their next meeting. When Emma arrives to pick up Neal for babysitting, Ashley gives her a welcoming hug. She advises, if Neal has trouble falling asleep, Emma can tell him that he's going to turn into a pumpkin by midnight, which will put him right to sleep. Emma asks if the meetings are for learning baby tips, but Ashley explains it's also a support group of sorts since its not easy being a first-time mother. Emma is perturbed by this, since Mary Margaret is learning everything for the first time despite that Neal is her second child, but she attempts to sympathize with her mother's circumstances. Instead, Emma's jealousy comes out in the form of magic when she unknowingly causes Neal's bottle of milk to boil. Ashley, Aurora and Mary Margaret are shocked by this, but Emma sputters that it's just magic she's been practicing. ("The Snow Queen")

As Mary Margaret and David move on with a plan to steal Maleficent's ashes, Prince Neal is placed under Ashley's care. ("Unforgiven")


Ashley Boyd
Sean Herman


  • Solid lines denote blood relationships
  • Dashed lines denote marriage relationships that result in offspring



  • The name "Ashley" is of Old English origin derived from the words "æsc" and "leah" that means "ash tree clearing".[2] Cinderella received her name because she lives among the cinders, or ashes, of the kitchen. In the original German version of the fairytale, the character is named Aschenputtel.[3]
  • The surname "Boyd" is of Scottish origin, and is a habitual name for the island of Bute.[4] As a first name, "Boyd" is of Scottish and Irish Gaelic origin derived from the word "buidhe" that means "yellow". It is often used to refer to a person's blonde hair.[5]

Character Notes

  • According to Ruby, Ashley has "a stepmom and two stepsisters she doesn't talk to." ("The Price of Gold")
  • During the events of the first season, Ashley is nineteen years old, yet she is shown drinking in a bar even though the legal age to purchase and consume alcohol in Maine is 21. ("The Price of Gold", "Skin Deep")

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