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This article focuses on the second iteration of character.
For her Seattle persona, see Tilly.
For the first iteration, see Alice (Down the Rabbit Hole).

Henry: Wait, Alice? You're the Alice? From Wonderland?
Alice: And other places! Gah, you have one weird trip and it's all anyone knows about you.
Henry Mills and Alice src

Alice is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She débuts in the first episode of the seventh season. She is portrayed by guest star Rose Reynolds, and is the original counterpart of Tilly.

Alice is based on the titular character from Lewis Carroll's novels, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There, and from the Disney film, Alice in Wonderland. She is also an allusion to Russell from the Disney/Pixar film Up.


After Fourth Curse

Alice is born in a tower after a Witch named Gothel disguises herself as Rapunzel and spends an amorous night with Hook, who is unaware of her true identity at the time, resulting in Gothel becoming pregnant from this union. With a flower that Hook retrieved from a garden, Gothel uses its magic to speed up the growth of the conceived child into a newborn infant. The next morning, Gothel comes clean to him about who she is and admits she used him to gain a child of her bloodline, whom she needs to take her place in the tower while she herself can escape. Gothel leaves on her own, seemingly having no love for the baby, but Hook decides to stay and care for the child. Hook sings a lullaby to her, causing her to smile, before naming her Alice after his deceased mother. ("Eloise Gardener")

Some years later, Alice continues to be trapped in the tower while her father often sneaks in to visit and play chess with her. However, the Witch curses Hook's heart and sends him away, making it so he can never be in close proximity to his daughter without the poison in his heart getting worse. Despite this, Hook keeps Alice's rook while she keeps his knight so neither of them ever forget each other. Alice eventually does escape the tower, though the method of how she accomplished this is still unknown. ("A Pirate's Life", "Pretty in Blue")

At some point, Alice visits a place called New Wonderland. In the Infinite Maze, she ends up at a tea party where she meets a woman named Cecelia who had to leave her true love and her daughter, Ella, because she has the curse of the poisoned heart, the very same curse that Hook has. A Jabberwock attacks them and the other party guests, during which Cecelia fights back but is killed in the battle, leaving Alice as the sole survivor to slay the beast. ("Hyperion Heights", "Pretty in Blue")

In the New Enchanted Forest, Alice is chasing after a white rabbit when she runs into Mr. Gold, who has just arrived in this realm through a portal. She huffs at him for making her lose sight of the rabbit and laments about having to chase him down again. Alice questions who he is, but Mr. Gold brushes this off, stating it doesn't matter. Both of them suddenly hear the sound of a roaring vehicle as a man, Mr. Gold's grandson Henry, speeds past them on the road. Alice looks bemused by the strangeness of it, remarking that the person must be attending the upcoming ball. She informs Mr. Gold that the prince is looking for a bride and asks if he too is looking for a prince. Mr. Gold clarifies he's looking for someone else, which intrigues Alice enough that she expresses interest in a "good puzzle" and introduces herself to him. ("Beauty")

Deployed by Mr. Gold to convince Henry to return home, Alice dons the uniform of a server at a royal ball. Henry samples a drink from her platter, which, unknown to him, is laced with a hallucinogen. As Henry attempts to stop Cinderella from killing the prince, he collapses from the drug's effects and sees Alice standing over him before his vision goes blurry. Henry regains consciousness and finds himself in a nightmarish cavern, where he is trapped against a wall, while a cloaked Alice reappears in front of him. Henry struggles to free himself and asks her to stop it, but Alice seems to have no idea what he means, to which Henry realizes he was hallucinating the restraints. Upon Henry calling her Alice from Wonderland, she expresses irritation over being referred as such since she only went there once before. Alice reveals she knows he is Henry Mills and implies she drugged him on Rumplestiltskin's orders because his grandfather is looking out for him. She warns him to stay out of stories that don't concern him, especially Cinderella's, because bad things will happen if he doesn't, but Henry refuses, out of obligation to help Cinderella. ("Hyperion Heights", "Beauty")

Later on, Alice meets Drizella, a sorceress who pretends to give her a magic remedy for the curse of the poisoned heart, which will allow Alice to be in close proximity with her father Hook without him getting hurt. ("Pretty in Blue")

Upon meeting Henry again, Alice gains his help with being led to Hook. She is surprised to see how young he looks, and he explains was courtesy of some magic. Hook asks about how she managed to escape the tower, which she states is a long story. Alice moves to hug him, but Hook warily cautions that his heart is still poisoned. She happily explains that she found a magical shield so they no longer have to be apart, however, when the two hug, Hook is thrown backward and the poison in his heart increases. Directly after, a strange mark appears on Alice's arm as a side effect of touching someone who has the curse of the poisoned heart. She attempts to go to her father but cannot because the closer she is to him, the worse his pain grows. Distraught over why the cure didn't work, Alice runs off and jumps into a portal to New Wonderland, where she hides at the tea party table in the Infinite Maze. When Cinderella finds her there, Alice asks about her father, with the latter reassuring her that he is in good hands, although Alice remains uncertain and considers staying in Wonderland to keep away from him. Cinderella sees her mother Cecelia's locket on a teapot, which Alice protests against her taking until realizing she is Cecelia's daughter Ella. Alice tells her of how Ceceila died and reveals her mother abandoned Ella because she had the curse of the poisoned heart. She shows her the mark on her arm, which Ella remembers this as something her own father used to have and realizes Ceceila left to protect her family. Afterwards, Alice explains how she met Drizella and was tricked by her. Ella then goes to save Henry from her, and while Drizella is distracted, Alice drops a looking glass on her to send her away. Before Henry and Ella return to Hook in the New Enchanted Forest, Alice gives them her knight chess piece to return to her father and to tell him that they'll be together again someday after he is cured. ("Pretty in Blue")

Eight years after the birth of Lucy, Rumplestiltskin gives Hook a white elephant figurine that will keep him and Alice together even after Drizella's curse is cast. Alice, who continues to keep her distance from Hook because of his poisoned heart, hides behind a tree as she talks to him. She mentions staying with Rumplestiltskin because she owes him and then gives him a letter which she wants him to deliver to Robin, her lover. Later on, Rumplestiltskin instructs Alice to keep his chipped cup safe, and in the new land they will go to after the curse is cast, he wants her to show him the cup to trigger his memories of his real self. He also tells her that if it doesn't work, she should know what to do; alluding to the fact he wishes for her to physically harm him as a more extreme method to make him remember. Robin shows up to see Alice one last time, and the two share a passionate kiss before the curse rolls in and brings them to Hyperion Heights. ("Hyperion Heights", "Beauty", "The Eighth Witch")

For events occurring after the casting of the fifth curse, see Tilly.




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