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Jafar: I don't need to be a prince, sir. Just a son.
Sultan: You will be neither. But it takes courage to do what you have done today and, because of that, you can stay here.
Jafar and the Sultan src

The Agrabahn City is an Agrabah location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It first appears in the second episode.


Before First Curse

The Agrabahn City is ruled by a Sultan, whose heir is his son Mirza. Unknown to the Sultan, he has an illegitimate son, Jafar, from a past relationship he had with a healer named Ulima. One day, Jafar purposely steals from a palace guard in order to gain access to the throne room, where the Sultan orders for his thieving hand to be cut off as punishment. The boy holds out his hand to be cut off, but then, the Sultan recognizes a ring that the boy is wearing, which he once gave Ulima. Realizing the boy is his child, the Sultan deducts that Jafar only stole so that he could meet him and reveal his identity. Jafar wishes for his father's recognition, however, the Sultan decides to make him a serving boy in the palace. ("Bad Blood")

Later, in a meeting with officials, the Sultan listens to them complain about a supply blockade with the kingdom's northern neighbors. He refuses to help them, and asks Mirza to explain why they cannot provide aid. Mirza explains that it is against policy, however, when questioned by an official about which policy it is, he is unable to answer. Jafar demonstrates superior knowledge by explaining that the farm policy is the reason why the Sultan cannot help. The Sultan, in an attempt to cover his son's humiliation, quickly fabricates the story that in Agrabah, even servants are educated. He later walks in on Mirza beating Jafar for his prior humiliation and encourages his son to continue, stating that when he is Sultan one day, he must be feared. The Sultan later apologizes to a lonely Jafar in the washing room, stating that his son must be raised properly. As Jafar goes to dry his face, the Sultan drowns him in a water basin, and later has the guards dispose of his body on the outskirts of the city. With the mysterious power of magic, Jafar is revived, with a desire for revenge against the Sultan. ("Bad Blood")

Many years later, after having been learned in the magical arts, Jafar forces his way into the palace and confronts the Sultan in the throne room. Jafar threatens to kill him, and challenges Mirza to a duel. The Sultan watches in shock as Mirza attempts to flee, but is murdered by Jafar's magic. Jafar states that he wants to be acknowledged as his son, but the Sultan refuses to give him what he wants. ("Bad Blood")


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