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Utter solitude


Bureaucrat of the Wiki. I work mostly behind the scenes, dealing with templates and categories, as well as images and transcripts. If you have any questions or suggestions, just let me know! Active


In charge of maintaining the character galleries; such as pictures are being added into the correct galleries by both myself and other wikia contributors. Also, I generally help monitor wikia edits and making sure the homepage is up to date. Leave a message on my wall if you have questions/comments. Active
Prince of Hearts


I have a particular affinity for the item and location pages, and am the self-appointed "Keeper of the Timeline". I generally help with whatever is needed. If you ever need anything from me don't hesitate to ask! Active
Killian Jones


I love to work with templates and scripts, and I'm always learning something new about them. I like to suggest projects and find new ways of doing stuff, as well as making sure pages follow their formats. Ask me whatever you need, and I'll be happy to answer! Active

Rollback Mods

  • Rollback Mods are both chat moderators and rollback enabled.
Lady Junky


Frequent editor who often reverts vandalism. Also a frequent chat room user who helps enforce chat room policies. Active


  • Rollbacks have the ability to revert edits in one click.


I usually take care of details such as icons and links, but I'm always updating appearances and mentions. Learned a lot since I became a member, and am always willing to learn more. Leave me a message if you need any help in understanding how the community and edit policies work :) Active

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